WATCH: Biden Brags He Has Nuclear Code to ‘Blow up the World’

US President Joe Biden speaks with workers while touring CS Wind, the largest wind tower m

Scared yet? President Joe Biden bragged Wednesday of his ability to “blow up the world” through a special code his staff possess. The revelation came in Colorado as he made light of nuclear weapons during a visit to the world’s largest windmill factory.

The president went on to mistakenly call his predecessor “Congressman Trump” in an awkward appearance that saw him stumble from one verbal mishap to the next.

It began as he approached three yellow-vested workers at the facility in Colorado and one of them appeared to pose an inaudible question to the president.

Biden retorted: “Now look, my, my marine carries that. It has a code to blow up the world. That doesn’t, this is not….nuclear weapons is it….alright, ok…you think I’m kidding.”

The so-called nuclear football holds the codes the president would use to authenticate an order to launch nuclear missiles should he or she not be at the White House.

Officially named the “ Presidential Emergency Satchel, ” the bulky briefcase is carried by a military officer who is never far behind the president, whether the commander-in-chief is boarding a helicopter or exiting meetings with world leaders.

File/A military aide carries the “nuclear football,” which contains launch codes for nuclear weapons, as he follows U.S. President Joe Biden, not pictured, onto Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House Washington, DC, US, on Friday, Oct. 7, 2022.(Ting Shen/Bloomberg via Getty)

CS Wind is a manufacturing company headquartered in South Korea.

In the president’s address to the company after his stroll, he called Yoon Suk Yeol, the South Korean president, “Mr Moon”, apparently mixing him up with Mr Yoon’s predecessor, Moon Jai-in.

“I am friends with your leader, Mr Moon, you know,” Biden said.

Biden also attacked cuts he said “Congressman Trump and Boebert want to do.”

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