Joe Biden: Republican ‘Petty’ Border Politics Block Ukraine Deal

US President Joe Biden speaks in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC,
Yuri Gripas/Abaca/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The differences between GOP and Democrat border policies are just “petty partisan politics,” compared to Washington’s role in world politics, President Joe Biden declared mid-Wednesday.

“Petty partisan angry politics can’t get in the way of our responsibility as a leading nation in the world,” Biden said at a midday appearance in the White House.

The entire world is watching: What will the United States do? Think — if we don’t support Ukraine, what’s the rest of the world going to do? What’s Japan going to do … What’s going to happen in terms of the G7? What’s going to happen in terms of our NATO allies?

Many polls show that Biden’s economic strategy of Extraction Migration has broken public support for migration. For example, a recent poll shows that a majority of the Jewish community in New York said that migration is more of a burden than a benefit.

Many of the polls suggest that Biden’s migration will damage Democrat chances in 2024 and boost the GOP’s chances.

But Biden disdained the GOP’s policy preferences, even as his deputies pulled another 12,000 migrants across the border on Tuesday. That inflow would deliver more migrants than American births per year — and is in addition to the huge inflow of roughly two million migrants and temporary workers each year.

He said:

I’ve already laid out in our negotiations with [Sen. James] Langford and others what we’re willing to do … starting off equipping the border capacity that we need on the border, from judges to more border security, in addition to making some substantive changes. But they’re unwilling to do it.

However, many GOP Senators are demanding the Democrats accept a funding bill that would largely eliminate the illegal immigration encouraged by Biden’s deputies.

Democrats are trying to rush the bill through the Senate, partly by claiming that Ukraine faces quick losses, even though the Pentagon has several months of funded supplies in the pipeline. “This cannot wait,” Biden said.

The backlog of existing funds likely allows the Senate to postpone the fight until 2024, when election priorities loom large.

So far, Biden and other Democrats have not been pressed by the media to explain why they prefer to block the aid package than accept the GOP’s border enforcement plan.

Senate Democrats have scheduled a vote on Wednesday to push their spending package through the Senate without any concessions to the GOP on border security. The package includes $14 billion to help Biden’s deputies deliver millions of migrants into American communities during the next year.

The vote may be canceled because of GOP support for border reforms.

GOP and Democrat Senators negotiated a draft deal, but Democrats backed off amid furious lobbying by West Coast investors, who gain wealth from the inflow of more consumers, renters, and workers.

Biden, however, blamed Republicans.

“They’ve walked away — it’s ‘Take everything we have here’ on their one proposal, which is extreme or nothing,” he said.

The Democrats’ top leader in the Senate, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), issued a veiled warning to the GOP on Wednesday. Just before he talked about the border issue, he touted his win over Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), who this week dropped his month-long hold on military promotions:

We were persistent and persistent and persistent and held the line … So let this be a warning … After all the damage he caused, Senator Tuberville has nothing, absolutely nothing, to show for his obstruction, except for the harm done to our military and the pain caused to military families.

Schumer continued:

It was the Republican leader and others on the Republican side in the House and Senate — mainly from the hard right — who demanded that border and Ukraine be tied together … We don’t have much time to keep negotiating off the floor of all if all do is go around in circles which is what’s happened over the last three weeks …

You can bet, my colleagues, Vladimir Putin is watching. Hamas is certainly watching. Iran, President Xi, North Korea, all of our adversaries are closely watching. Let us do the right thing and move forward today.

The Senate GOP proposal is a watered-down version of the House-passed H.R.2 border stabilization bill. The bill sharply reduces the authority of Biden’s deputies to smuggle more migrants via the asylum and parole loopholes.

To the surprise of skeptical advocates, GOP Senators are sticking their heels in amid the media-magnified Democrat pressure.

“This is not about reaching a bipartisan compromise on immigration reform,” Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) said in a Wednesday press conference, adding:

There have been debates about that in the past. There’ll be debates about that in the future. That’s not what this debate is about. This is fundamentally a national security issue. This is about changes that need to be made to protect the homeland to protect our southern border.

We, as Republicans, want to solve this problem Joe Biden and Senate Democrats need to step up, get serious and pass border security measures. The time is now. We need policy changes. It’s about tightening asylum standards and reining in the [Department of Homeland Security’s] parole powers

Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s Cuban-born, pro-migration border chief, is using parole and parole loopholes to extract millions of subservient migrants from poor countries by dangling jobs, homes, and free K-12 schools throughout the United States. That Extraction Migration economic policy is shifting vast wealth from ordinary citizens to CEOs, investors, and migrants.

Daines said:

Just when we thought we’d heard the worst of it, here’s one more story to build on why we need to solve the problem on the southern border. We just learned that the VA healthcare resources — the VA — are being used to facilitate healthcare to illegal migrants.

Veterans have a hard enough time getting the care that they need, and now they have to compete with illegal immigrants?

“Biden’s border crisis puts illegal immigrants first and puts our veterans last,” he added.


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