Exclusive — Michigan Candidate Tom Barrett: ‘More and More’ Midwestern Americans Are Waking Up

Tom Barrett
AP Photo/Carlos Osorio, File

“More and more” midwestern Americans are waking up, Tom Barrett, a Republican running for Congress in Lansing, Michigan, said during an appearance on Breitbart News Daily.

When asked about the shift in some of these midwestern states — moving from more blue to red — Barrett attributed it to several factors, including the fact that these midwestern states have been “overlooked for so long and taken for granted by these extreme liberal Democratic politicians that don’t care about ordinary Americans — our way of life, our issues and concerns, the cultural dynamics that we’re witnessing, the woke indoctrination of our schools, of our military, of every institution, and then the cost of living challenges that Americans are facing — and then they laugh in our face, Rachel Maddow moments that really just, you know, just bring about a real cause for concern by people, just like my wife and I and our family,” he said, explaining that they are raising four children and have seen their grocery bill rise and noticed “other issues that are brought about by the failures of this administration, whether it’s Gretchen Whitmer or Joe Biden, and we can’t let it go by.”


“We simply can’t ignore it any longer,” he said. “And I think more and more midwestern Americans in places like Ohio and Michigan are waking up to that. This district that I’m running in really encompasses not just these urban areas of Lansing and East Lansing, so to speak, but also rural communities outside of that, and you’re seeing this building momentum in the polling that we’ve done,” he said, explaining that it has “shown me with the lead in this race — certainly not anything that we can take for granted, but one that shows that this is beginning to shift in our direction, and we need to take advantage of that opportunity and really drive home the messaging in this race because it is that serious and that significant,” he continued before discussing how much the Democrat Party as a whole has changed. He used a personal example, as his great-grandfather, whom he never met, was an elected member of Congress and a Democrat from Michigan.

“He is best remembered, as a Democrat, [for adding] the words ‘under God’ to our Pledge of Allegiance, seventy years ago this year, 1954,” he said.

“Something that we’re very proud of in my family is that he added ‘under God’ to our Pledge of Allegiance — a lasting legacy that we’re very proud of. And he was a Democrat. And now, you know, you see Democrats want to remove that or remove the Pledge of Allegiance entirely from our cultural lexicon. And, you know, it really shows a trend in their party that’s gone in that direction,” he added.

“So are you suggesting that your [great] grandfather would not have voted for Transgender Day of Visibility?” host Mike Slater asked, prompting laughter from Barrett.

“I don’t even think he would have known what that was,” he added.

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