Trump Campaign and RNC Reveal Massive Election Integrity Program

A Mississippi Republican Party poll worker documents the security on the electronic ballot
Rogelio V. Solis/AP

The Republican National Committee (RNC), partnered with the Trump campaign, is launching a massive election integrity program ahead of the November 2024 election.

The RNC is dubbing this the “most extensive and monumental election integrity program in the nation’s history.” The program includes five areas of “observation” in the process, which the press release said will “guarantee coverage, and aggressive attorneys will be engaged at all these stages to stop Democrat attempts to circumvent rules.”

The five areas are as follows:

  • Logic & Accuracy Machine Testing
  • Early Voting
  • Election Day Voting
  • Mail Ballot Processing: Adjudication & Duplication
  • Post-Election: Canvass, Audits, Recounts

Poll watching is a huge part of it as well, and the program, in partnership with grassroots individuals and “legal experts,” is offering “comprehensive training sessions” every month on monitoring.

“These trainings will equip volunteers with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively oversee potential problems in the electoral process, guaranteeing that every vote is counted accurately and fairly,” the press release reads.

Poll watchers will be working with the guidance of lawyers via State Republican War Rooms, as every single battleground state will have an “Election Integrity Hotline.”

Per the press release:

The State Republican War Room is the command center where lawyers will field all incoming questions and issues reported by poll watchers and voters statewide. Lawyers will guide poll watchers through the appropriate election code and provide clarity on how various issues should be answered, resolved, or escalated. This system will be operational from the first day of early voting through election day – and afterward if necessary.

Under the leadership of Chairman Whatley and Co-Chair Trump, the RNC is executing an unprecedented legal strategy, fighting in courtrooms across the country. We will deliver a pro-active litigation effort every time election officials are breaking the law as well as intervene to defend commonsense election law safeguards under Democrat attack.

The RNC team of lawyers is already aggressively engaging in legal battles around the country. So far this cycle, the RNC has engaged in 82 election integrity lawsuits in 25 states.

Overall, this program will have over 100,000 volunteers.

“Every ballot. Every precinct. Every processing center. Every county. Every battleground state. We will be there,” RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump said.

“The RNC is hiring hundreds of election integrity staff across the map – more than ever before because our Party will be recruiting thousands of more observers to protect the vote in 2024,” she added. “These campaign officials in states are tasked with recruiting, training, and when possible, shifting poll watchers and poll workers day in and day out.”

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The White House / YouTube

“Election integrity is the foundation of our democracy,” RNC Chairman Michael Whatley said. “Through this unprecedented program, we are mobilizing lawyers and volunteers who are committed to preserving the sanctity of our elections.”

Former President Donald Trump praised these election integrity efforts. “Having the right people to count the ballots is just as important as turning out voters on Election Day,” he noted.

“Republicans are now working together to protect the vote and ensure a big win on November 5th!” Trump exclaimed.

The program is yet another example of what Co-Chair Lara Trump recently told Breitbart News Daily when she described the RNC under new leadership and the Trump campaign as a “bonded entity.”

“We always worked together and worked alongside the campaign, but never were we one entity and we truly can say right now, the RNC and the campaign is one bonded entity,” she said. “We have people currently at the RNC who were over at the Trump campaign as of a month ago, and vice versa — folks from the RNC who have gone over to the campaign. This way, we’re not doubling up on the same effort,” she explained, highlighting the RNC’s central goal of “making sure we save this country come November 5.”


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