Mockery, Wonder Ensue Following Video of Chris Christie Smooching ‘the Mooch’

Chris Christie and Anthony Scaramucci
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Anthony Scaramucci

Both mockery and wonder ensured after a viral video surfaced showing former presidential candidate and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) and former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci sharing a smooch in front of cameras.

A video shows Christie and Scaramucci, the latter of whom once referred to former President Donald Trump as “the domestic terrorist of the 21st century,” standing together as camera flashes dominate the frame. Christie has his arm around Scaramucci, who supported Christie’s Republican presidential bid.

Scaramucci can be seen making a smoochy face at Christie, going in toward his cheek. At the last second, Christie turns his head and plants a smooch on the “Mooch.” They then continue to pose for the cameras.


Scaramucci essentially confirmed the authenticity of the video after mocking the individual who posted it on X, ALX.

“Aww poor ALX guy hiding who is on X and likely hiding who he is in life. It’s ok to be you ALX,” he wrote:

“You must be new here. One click on my profile will tell you I’m definitely not ‘hiding’. It’s called a nickname. Also, my point was that Christie is GROSS and that’s an objective fact,” the user responded as others mocked the awkward moment:

“Hating Trump is a love like no other,” one user wrote.

“That kiss lasted just a bit longer than Mooch’s White House gig,” another said.

“It wasn’t a kiss. Christie just saw some leftover mustard on his lip,” another joked.

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Some noted that the kiss was an Italian custom, but others continued to joke, with one commenter writing, “Scarasmoochie and Hamburgler?”

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Both Christie and Scaramucci have made their anti-Trump biases publicly known. In May, Scaramucci appeared on CNN’s The Lead and said that Trump “is a very dangerous guy” who should not be anywhere near the White House.

“We’ve seen what he’s like in terms of his destructive capabilities. And when I say he’s un-American, he says he’s un-American. He disavows the Constitution,” he said, making it clear that he intends to support President Joe Biden in November.

“And whatever shortcomings that President Biden may or may not have, I’ll be supporting him. I’ll be working for him in the fall,” he stated.

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