Breitbart News Daily: The ‘Contested’ Convention, Part II


On the Monday edition of Breitbart News Daily, SiriusXM host and Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon will continue our weeklong discussion with experts on what a “contested” Republican Convention in Cleveland is, how we get there, and how it will impact your candidate, your vote, and your country.

CNN commentator and American Spectator Contributing Editor Jeffrey Lord will discuss whether the Trump campaign is too far behind in organization to pull off a first ballot win at the convention. He’ll also discuss his latest book, What America Needs: The Case for Trump.

John Yob, author of Chaos: The Outsider’s Guide to a Contested Republican National Convention, will discuss what we can expect in Cleveland.

Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America will discuss her new book, Feisty and Feminine: A Rallying Cry for Conservative Women.

Breitbart reporters Alex Swoyer and Michelle Moon will discuss the Trump and Cruz campaigns, respectively.

Breitbart London’s Nick Hallett will discuss his story about the European negotiators rushing to complete the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal before Barack Obama leaves office out of fear that the deal will be delayed or even scrapped by his successor.

We’ll also hear from our Rome correspondent Dr. Thomas Williams about the Pope’s recent comments on transsexual children.

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