Myra Adams: ‘Clinton Cash’ Tells America, ’We Are Stark Raving Mad If We Elect the Clintons Back to the White House‘


Myra Adams joined Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon on Tuesday morning to talk about her review of the Clinton Cash documentary film at National Review.

Bannon asked Adams why Hillary Clinton’s primary rival Bernie Sanders took so long to bring up the corruption chronicled by Clinton Cash or loop the former secretary of state’s email scandal into that narrative. “Their Achilles heel is their greed and their avarice,” said Bannon. “Why is Bernie Sanders so late to the party?”

“Well, I think the whole incident of the Clinton Cash is actually so embarrassing to the Democratic Party, and Bernie Sanders now–even though he is a socialist–he is running to be the Democratic nominee,” Adams replied. “This incident, this entire chapter of the Clinton’s cash, is tied to the Democratic Party because the Clintons are the head of the Democrat Party at this point.”

“It’s such an embarrassing incident, and it threatens national security,” she continued. “There’s so many aspects to it, including the FBI investigation that’s going on right now.”

Bannon noted that much of the Clintons’ money was coming from unpleasant sources overseas, “a cast of characters that Time magazine said reminded them of the villains in a Bond movie.”

Adams said that was one reason the Clinton Cash scandals were a national security issue, as well as a story of political corruption. She cited the paramount example, spotlighted in both the Clinton Cash book and movie, of “shady dealings involving a Canadian businessman which, at the end, means that Russia now controls 20 percent of the U.S. uranium reserves, spread across Wyoming, Texas, and Utah.”

“Hillary Clinton’s State Department granted approval for that to happen,” Adams stressed. “That is threatening to national security.”

She said the media’s refusal to ask Clinton tough questions about the well-documented Clinton Cash revelations “goes to the problem of a mainstream media that is in the tank for the Democrats, and for the Clintons.”

“One of the reasons why Breitbart is doing so well is because you all represent the other side,” Adams said. “You’re not afraid to ask the tough questions that the mainstream media is.”

She said what shocked her the most about the Clinton Cash documentary was “the blatantness of their pay-to-play schemes.”

“Peter Schweizer, who is the host and the movie narrator, really summed it up best when he said, ‘With the Clintons, nothing is sacred; everything is for sale–but we are the ones paying the price.’ That sums up the movie and the book,” she declared.

Adams was confident law enforcement has been taking the allegations against the Clintons seriously, with the FBI investigation of Clinton bagman and current Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe a sign that the focus is widening to include more of the Clinton machine.

“I just think the Clinton Foundation investigation is so complicated, and there are so many layers to it,” she said, adding:

Certainly Terry McAuliffe has been the chief Clinton fundraiser, going back decades. This is a man who is probably the sleaziest, most corrupt individual to ever be governor of Virginia. And at this point, finally, the FBI is getting around to him because there’s just been so much to investigate, on so many levels, around the world, as the movie indicates.

“The movie takes you on a whirlwind tour, all around the world, to Africa, and India, and Colombia, and Haiti. There is almost no stone unturned with the Clintons looking for money, and how they can then make deals, and enrich themselves,” she marveled.

Adams noted that securing wide distribution is the great challenge facing the Clinton Cash movie:

I had a lot of commenters on my National Review piece asking where they can see the movie, when they can see the movie. At this point, I understand there hasn’t been a distributor found, and there’s no specific TV time when it’s going to be on. People want to know where they can see it, and I think when they see it, then word of mouth is really going to help this movie quite a bit.

She said, “Here’s the problem I see: People who already hate the Clintons are going to want to watch this movie. The real challenge is going to be people who are considering voting for the Clintons, or maybe, you know, on the fence.” She elaborated by saying, “They are the ones that have to watch this movie. So it’s up to Breitbart to get this movie out in front of people who wouldn’t necessarily ever think of seeing a movie like this.”

“Here’s the big question: America, we are stark raving mad if we elect the Clintons back to the White House,” Adams concluded.

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