‘Torchbearer’ Star Phil Robertson: ‘If Donald Trump Does Not Win, I Think I’m Going to the Woods and Stay There the Rest of My Life’


Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily to talk about his film, Torchbearer, premiering in select theaters on October 7, to be followed by a release on various digital and VOD platforms.

Marlow mentioned the news about Nadi Paikidze, the U.S. chess champion who refused to wear a hijab for next year’s world championship, as demanded by host country Iran. He found it interesting that liberal-dominated popular culture is not hailing her as a feminist hero the way NFL player Colin Kaepernick has been celebrated for refusing to stand for the U.S. national anthem.

“What is going on, simply put, is lawlessness,” declared Robertson:

Everyone who sins breaks the law. In fact, sin is lawlessness. As the documentary makes clear, once you move your anchor – that is, the anchor of virtue, morality, and freedom – once you remove that, then you start seeing stuff like this pop up all over the United States. We’re on a downward spiral.

I personally think old Thomas Jefferson had it right. Now, listen to this: “God, who gave us life, also gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be thought secure, when we have removed their only firm basis – a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever.”

That pretty well was a prophetic from one, Thomas Jefferson, who wrote our Declaration of Independence, who made clear we were saying to the world, especially the Brits, that our rights come from God, not from you, King George.

Therefore, it didn’t take us but 200 years, and we’ve dumbed it down so much now that it’s a pathetic thing to watch. Basically, America, along with all the other empires before us, they’ve forgotten God for the most part, my man. We’re trying to help ’em out here with the documentary.

Robertson talked about how Torchbearer was made, and why he believes it is such an important film at this moment in our history:

America needs to repent, basically, of their sin, turn back to God. It’s more of a spiritual fix, in my opinion, than a political one. Our Founding Fathers warned us, repeatedly, to never let this day come, but the day has now come upon us.

I mean, think about it. The Democratic Party in the last cycle; when Barack Obama ran, they literally booed God out of the Democratic Party. I mean, not only ran Him out and took His name off of their platform, they booed Him out.

You get what you ask for, so here we are. The bottom line is, if someone says, “Well, have you entertained the thought of maybe voting for Hillary Clinton?” I said, “They ran God out of the Democratic Party. She has a hard time telling the truth because the Evil One is the Father of Lies, according to Jesus, and she’s living proof of it, my man.”

Marlow noted an important feature of Torchbearer is its coverage of Christian persecution, particularly at the hands of radical Muslims, a subject “you’re not allowed to talk about in the mainstream media.”

Robertson talked about how a devout Christian like himself became a warrior for freedom of speech, in a time of politically correct censorship:

Someone asked me, they said, “Well, why is it, Mr. Robertson, that you get so much vitriol, and why do they attack you so much? They don’t attack others, like preachers.” And I’m not even a preacher!

What they fail to understand is, I’m saying what I say, and it’s a simple message: we just need to love God and love each other. But I’m doing it in the public square, wherever I am, and according to the Bible, that is my spiritual act of worship, my service.

Basically, the government ran God out a long time ago. They ran Him out of Hollywood. They ran Him out of our institutions of higher learning. They ran Him out of the mainstream media.

Therefore, what we’ve ended up with, basically, is all of our country has just forgotten God and thought there’s a better way. Maybe we can take the European model. Maybe that’ll work, according to them.

But it’s a sad thing to watch, and I’m just trying to remind people, why don’t we just try keeping a couple of the top Ten Commandments God gave us for a year. Atheists and all, everybody get together. Why don’t we just obey? Let’s not murder each other, and let’s not steal from each other. Why don’t we try that for a year, and see if we’re better off, and just see if that might work?

So just basically, I’m doing that in the public square, and they get fired up about it, and the messenger is attacked. The vitriol and hatred is directed towards anyone, especially a conservative like me. Listen, dude, I’m the most conservative man I know.

Robertson said “the future of our country” is at stake in the 2016 election:

I think this is the tipping point. It’ll go one way or the other. Mr. Trump, who is not a politician – and I am thrilled about that possibility – he has gone up against, he has stepped into a zone, whereby he’s having to deal with politicians who are basically professional prevaricators.

Let’s face it: have you ever seen prevarication at such a level as what we’re now seeing? Mr. Trump, not being a politician, is not wise in the ways of professional prevaricators. Therefore, a lot of them are saying, the old Establishment Republicans, “Well, listen: I can’t go for him because he sticks his foot in his mouth every once in a while.”

My take on it is, better a man who sticks his foot in his mouth from time to time than a woman who pours out lies. Therefore, if he’s a loose cannon, I’ll take one loose cannon that will operate, and it will fire, than a hundred that are old, rusty, and worn out. You know what I’m saying?

He said Hillary Clinton’s prevarication skills were “simply astounding” and tied to the essential falseness of some key Democrat issues:

You have to remember, you have two things going on there. They are champions of murdering children. I mean, they are slicing and dicing human beings, and selling their body parts on the open market. They have basically allowed judges who are without God; they have legislated the murder of our own children. They’ve made it legal, which is a dastardly thing to do.

That’s the premise of the documentary: if you allow humans, not God, to dictate to you what is right, what is wrong, what’s good, what’s evil, and how much your life is worth – if you allow humans to determine that, you end up with what you now have here.

The Nazis did it with Adolf Hitler. The Japanese, the Shintoists, did it with Hirohito. The Communists did it with Stalin. And this latest crop are doing it with these imams.

So, if you look at it logically, you say, you know what? When you get away from the God of Creation, the God of the Bible, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and you lose your virtue, and your fear of Him, and your love for Him, what you receive, my man – you’re looking at people like Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, who can’t tell the truth.

In fact, the Bible says that God sends them a strong delusion so that they will believe the lie, and so be condemned, because they didn’t love the truth to be saved.

In all the texts throughout the Bible, they suppress the truth about God by their godlessness and wickedness. So Thomas Jefferson and all those guys, George Washington, who founded the country, they knew that, and they warned us.

But the day has come now. It is a tipping point. And if Donald Trump does not win, I think I’m going to the woods and stay there the rest of my life on the earth.

Torchbearer is directed by Stephen K. Bannon; produced by Bannon, David Bossie, and Dan Fleuette; and written by Bannon, Zach Dasher, and Breitbart News Senior West Coast Editor Rebecca Mansour. The film is coming to select theaters on October 7, to be followed by release on various digital and VOD platforms, including Comcast, Dish, iTunes, Vudu, Amazon, and more.

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