Pat Caddell: Trump’s Bringing Clinton Accusers Was ‘High Risk … yet He Was Absolutely Right’

AP Photo/ Evan Vucci
AP Photo/Evan Vucci
Washington, DC

Pollster and analyst Pat Caddell told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow Monday that GOP nominee Donald Trump “took a high risk chance last night, and he succeeded in it,” regarding Trump’s aggressive debating style, as well as his focusing the spotlight on some of former President Bill Clinton’s past transgressions.

Added Caddell, “That was a high-risk thing,” to bring in the accusers of Bill Clinton, “and yet he was absolutely right.”

“He lived to fight another day, I’ll tell you that,” said Caddell. “He threw her off. He was tough. He took no prisoners. … And he never let up.”

Additionally, in addressing a recently released eleven-year-old controversial audio tape of Donald Trump, Caddell stated, “Yes, everyone is offended, but this high dudgeon by everyone in the media and whatever. … All I could think of from the beginning of this was, these are the very same people who were saying during Bill Clinton’s problems with Monica Lewinsky, ‘Oh, that’s just sex. It’s private. It doesn’t have to do with anything. It’s not important.'”

“And now, this is the end of the world,” added Caddell.

“I just found that amazing,” said Caddell, before going on to discuss what he thought was a more than solid debate performance from Republican nominee Donald Trump, which should allow him to shore up his base and stop more GOP defections as he moves forward into the last month of the campaign.

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