Erik Prince: Choice Between Trump and Clinton Is Clear: ‘You’re Either Choosing America, or You’re Choosing Oblivion’

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
Joshua Roberts/REUTERS/Nancy Wiechec

On Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily, Sirius XM host Alex Marlow discussed leaked Hillary Clinton emails with former Navy SEAL and Blackwater CEO Erik Prince. Prince saw a disturbing threat about Clinton’s appetite for centralized power running through several of these emails.

Prince found an exchange in which Clinton applauded Chinese President Xi Jinping’s consolidation of authoritarian power more evidence that “her analysis of all things foreign, foreign governments, is about as goofed-up as her supposed reset with Russia, where they didn’t even get the translation right on the event.”

“President Xi Jinping is definitely consolidating power in China, in a way not really seen since Mao, not since the founder of China after the revolution in ‘49,” he warned. “He still has a very vigorous anti-corruption campaign going, and has locked up many opponents. It is a difficult challenge for China to deal with those things. But for someone as corrupt as Hillary, we just can’t allow that level of decision-making because her decisions, these emails show again and again, are not based on facts, or freedom, or what’s pro-America. It’s always about what’s pro-Hillary, and how does it benefit her, and her party, and her fellow travelers.”

Marlow described another email in which Clinton expressed “a dream of open borders” and also admitted that “vetting refugees is impossible.”

“She prides herself on being part of this globalist elite, jetting around, funded by the Clinton Foundation, and then by the taxpayers on U.S. government aircraft,” Prince said. “Dreaming of open borders means that the freedoms, what is unique about America and Western civilization, and our religious freedom, and allowing people that come from all kinds of countries that don’t believe in limited government, that don’t believe in the freedoms of speech and religion that we do, it’s antithetical.”

“Literally, the Founding Fathers would have revolted violently, long ago, to that kind of talk,” he elaborated. “They believed in the United States of America, not to the United States of North and South America. There were unique aspects of America, they fought for it, they sacrificed greatly for it, and literally Hillary wants to open the barn doors wide, and let anything and anyone come and try to benefit from America while undermining everything that our forefathers have built in the past.”

Prince said his mission was to “browbeat weak-kneed Republican leaders” and tell them to “man up, stand up, and be counted.”

“Do the right thing. Support Donald Trump,” he urged. ‘You may not love everything about him. There’s nothing I’ve loved about every Republican candidate that I’ve ever had a chance to vote for. But the choice is so clear. You’re either choosing America, or you’re choosing oblivion.”

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