Nehlen: Paul Ryan Couldn’t Get Elected as a Republican in Most of the Country

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Washington, DC

Former primary challenger to House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is now challenging Ryan for the House Speakership, told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Thursday, “Paul Ryan would never get elected as a Republican in the vast majority of districts across this country.”

“Paul Ryan,” added Nehlen, “is against the same things that the majority of Republicans are for. And if Paul Ryan wasn’t a fifth generation Wisconsinite, he would probably not be elected to Wisconsin.”

The two also discussed a recent story in the Hill, pointing out Ryan’s difficult path to re-election as Speaker:

Ryan is almost certain to face a tougher reelection fight after a tumultuous year in which he has publicly feuded with Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president.

Republicans will first hold closed-door leadership elections next month, where only a majority vote within the conference is needed for victory.

The more critical vote will come in January, a public roll call in which lawmakers will shout out the name of their choice for Speaker from the House floor. Ryan will need 218 votes for victory.

With the current 246-seat GOP majority, losing all eight votes isn’t such a big deal.

It would leave Ryan with 238 votes, 20 more than the threshold he needs.

But with Republicans widely expected to lose seats in the Nov. 8 election, Ryan is likely to have much less room for error.

With a 226-seat majority, for example, Ryan would be right at 218 if all eight Republicans vote against him.

Trump may add to Ryan’s problems.

Nehlen and Marlow also pointed out that Ryan seems to be more in line with a Democrat pick to be Speaker than that of many rank-and-file Republicans.

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