Pat Caddell: CNN’s ‘Journalistic Credentials Terribly Damaged,’ Worked ‘Hand in Glove’ with Clinton Campaign


Pollster and strategist Pat Caddell told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam that he believes CNN has “certainly gotten their journalistic credentials terribly damaged.”

“I mean,” continued Caddell, “they’re all over WikiLeaks. … They are literally complicit with the Clinton campaign and working with them hand in glove.”

“This is outrageous,” added Caddell. He went on to blast the network for the way it smears people, calling it “beyond the pale.”

“I think they have damaged themselves,” he concluded.

Additionally, Caddell found President-elect Donald Trump’s decision not to pursue the Clinton email scandal as a legal matter a “mistake,” adding, “I wish he would revisit it.”

Pointing out the ongoing investigation of the Clinton Foundation, added Caddell, “The FBI may force him to.”

“After what he promised in the campaign and what he stood for and the fact that the Clintons were not going to be above the law, I’m just disappointed,” said Caddell. “I would have waited,” he added. “There’s more time for this. I just think it’s a mistake, and what it does, though, it begins to raise questions … about commitments he has made that resulted in his election.”

As for Trump’s selection of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley as his ambassador to the United Nations, Caddell called it a “surprise,” adding that “she is a talented woman … and certainly one of the stars of the Republican Party.”

“Obviously, Trump is willing to overlook her opposition to him,” he added, “and that’s a good sign.”

Caddell, a South Carolina resident, praised Haley’s handling of a number of issues throughout the years. “She made an incredible impression when we had the shooting at the church,” said Caddell, in reference to the 2015 Dylann Roof shooting.

“She’s quite articulate, she’s smart, and I think she’d do a good job,” he concluded.

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