Grassroots Callers Confused by Trump’s Support of Swamp Creature Luther Strange: ‘It’s Not What We Elected Him to Do’

Drain the Swamp Donald Trump rally (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)
Joel Pollak / Breitbart News

Several Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM listeners have called into the show recently to express their thoughts and concerns over President Donald Trump’s decision to back establishment candidate Senator Luther Strange over grassroots favorite Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama Republican U.S. Senate primary this month.

While all seem to clearly back Moore over Strange and are willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt that he’s either playing a larger game or has been misled by bad advice, they also seem unanimous in expressing the importance for Trump to not forget the people and the message that won him the White House in the first place.

Some went so far as to suggest Trump is simple chasing “good press,” being “strong-armed” by Mitch McConnell, or forgetting the very message that voters sent by electing him.

As caller Travis said, “I don’t quite understand why Trump is going down to support the establishment candidate when he was the populist candidate himself.” That caller suggested Trump may be being “strong-armed” into it by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “in order to get some bills passed.” That caller questioned it as basically a betrayal of the very people “who put him into office,” meaning Trump.

Another caller, A.C., suggested Trump was simply “giving Mitch McConnell enough rope to hang himself,” as a likely Strange loss would reflect more on McConnell’s lack of leadership than Trump simply doing his part as the party loyalist-in-chief. “With this Luther Strange thing, he’s going to show the world that Mitch McConnell is ineffective at being a leader and making the wrong choices,” he said. The caller predicted it would end with McConnell being “thrown out” as the leader of the Senate.

Caller Cindy from Alabama seemed willing to give Trump a pass for his decision but said, in the end, it’s the people, not politicians that get to pick their representatives. “Americans have to stand up and prove that the silent majority is silent no more,” by defeating Strange. She also said she believes Moore’s conservative views are more in line with how the majority of Americans think than media would lead one to believe. To the extent that she’s angry over the decision she blames Congress and his need to work with them, more than she does Trump for it.

Caller Jeff predicted a Moore win but thinks Trump made a mistake by backing Strange. “Donald Trump’s the President and he’s got the bully pulpit. He shouldn’t be having terms dictated to him by Paul Ryan or by Mitch McConnell.” The caller said Trump should be telling McConnell to “back off,” while reminding him that he was elected to “drain the swamp. Luther Strange is not the guy we need. We need a guy like Moore.”

Jeff said Trump should have told McConnell to back away and not get involved in the Alabama election and backed Moore himself. He cited Reagan’s use of the bully pulpit said added, “It seems like Donald Trump is more interested in getting good press and being able to say, look, we got a deal done.”

He added that while a Strange victory “may be a win for Donald Trump in terms of favorable press but having Luther Strange elected would be a huge loss for the American people. It’s not a win. It’s not what we elected Donald Trump to do. It wasn’t the message that we sent.”

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