Pamela Geller’s ‘Fatwa: Hunted in America’: Her Story of Confronting Radical Islam After 9/11


Pamela Geller, editor-in-chief of the Geller Report, spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Thursday regarding her upcoming book, Fatwa: Hunted in America.

The book was also featured in an exclusive Breitbart News item Wednesday. Geller wrote:

In Fatwa: Hunted in America, I tell my own story of my work to defend freedom of speech, individual rights, and equality of rights for all. I go back to how I began chronicling my take on news events at my groundbreaking website Geller Report (previously Atlas Shrugs), then moved into activism; at first on behalf of Muslim girls who were being brutalized and victimized at home for not following the misogynistic rules of Islamic law, then to stand against the advance of jihad and Sharia on numerous fronts, and above all for freedom of speech, which is increasingly embattled in this age of jihad.

Thursday, Geller pointed out that anyone who engages in thinking deemed politically incorrect is silenced through libel or worse, often by the media.

She related how everything changed for her on 9/11, saying she was “deeply shook” by events, which set her off on an entirely different career path than she had been on.

Doing her own research post-9/11, Geller said, “I found the media just was absent on this issue,” meaning radical Islam. “Either they didn’t talk about it, or if they did, they were obfuscating, or they were outright lying.”

Her latest book, now available for pre-order, has drawn praise from Mark Steyn, Ann Coulter, Tomi Lahren, John Bolton, and other voices on the right. Steyn wrote:

This is a riveting tale of a “controversial” woman. She believes in “controversial” principles such as free speech, and holds “controversial” positions such as the right of Muslim girls in the developed world to enjoy the freedoms of all other western women without being honor-killed, beheaded or otherwise murdered. She is so “controversial” that, when Islamic fanatics tried to kill her in the first ISIS attack on American soil, this country’s appalling and stupid media blamed her for being so “controversial” as to drive people to open fire on her. In a saner, healthier world, she would not be “controversial” at all, but would be recognized as the brave – indeed, fearless – woman she is. This is her story, and splendidly told.

Geller said, “Islam is a lot of things, but a religion of peace is not one of those things. It’s very important that we support people like Milo [Yiannopoulos], and I take my hat off to him for publishing my book. This is the only way for us to get our information out there. Under Obama, the left was in power, and they were shocked when Trump got elected, and now, they’ve taken their anger out on social media. They’ve tried to shut down speech like mine on it since then. They start with some people, but they’ll eventually come for you. This idea that I’m anti-Muslim is absurd. I try to help people that don’t want to be oppressed by it. It’s the ideology that I oppose.”

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