Afghan security personnel arrive at the site of suicide attack in Kabul Monday, June 4, 2018. A suicide bombing targeted a gathering of Afghanistan's top clerics on Monday in Kabul, killing at least seven people and wounding nine. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

Afghanistan: Jihadists Bomb Anti-War Clerics Less than an Hour After Fatwa on Attacks

A suicide bomber targeted a gathering of nearly 2,000 top Islamic clerics in Kabul on Monday, less than an hour after the scholars declared a fatwa condemning suicide attacks as “unforgivable sins,” or haram, under Islamic law and urging the Taliban to engage in peace talks with the U.S.-backed Afghan government.

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Palestinian Mufti Issues Fatwa Banning Sale of Land to Israelis

The Palestinian mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein, on Thursday published a fatwa, or Islamic religious decree, banning anyone “from giving up, or selling Jerusalem and the land of Palestine to the enemy” — a reference to Israelis.

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Report: Islamic State Issues Fatwa Against Cats in Mosul

The Iraqi television network Al Sumaria is reporting that the Islamic State has issued a fatwa against breeding cats indoors, a surprising move, given the pivotal role kittens have played in Islamic State propaganda, as well as the high regard for the species in the Quran.

A virtual map of Bryant Park is displayed on the screen as a man plays the augmented reality mobile game ''Pokemon Go'' by Nintendo in New York City, U.S. July 11, 2016. REUTERS/MARK KAUZLARICH/FILE PHOTO - RTSI21Y

Imams Revive Decade-Old Fatwa: Pokemon Go Is Haram

The most prestigious religious institution in Islam has reaffirmed a 2001 fatwa against the Japanese cartoon Pokemon, with its clerics calling the new game Pokemon Go a “harmful mania… that makes people look like drunkards in the streets.”

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Pakistan: Muslim Clerics Declare Transgender Marriages Valid

A group of influential Muslim clerics in Pakistan have issued a religious decree (fatwa) stating that transgender people have full marriage, inheritance and funeral rights under Islamic law, though they may only marry those of the opposite biological sex.


Egypt Calls For ‘Electronic Jihad’ Effort Against Islamic State

JAFFA, Israel – An adviser to the Grand Mufti of Egypt warned against the availability of the Islamic State’s propaganda radio network one week after the terrorist group launched an Android application to access the online radio stream. The Mufti’s adviser, Ibrahim Nijem,

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Turkish Islamic Officials Correct Fatwa Allowing Fathers to Lust After Daughters

Turkey has an official directorate in charge of interpreting Islamic law, popularly known as the Diyanet. It has a website where people ask questions about various aspects of Islamic law. The website recently stirred up controversy by issuing a fatwa, or religious ruling, which asserted that fathers having lustful feelings toward their own daughters are not necessarily violating religious law, provided the girl is over nine years of age.


Islamic State Fatwa Codifies Sex with Female Slaves

A newly released religious ruling, or fatwa, handed down by the ISIL Committee of Research and Fatwas stipulates in great detail the sexual conduct of Islamic State slave owners toward their infidel female captives.

Lee Rigby Style Attack

Man Convicted Of Planning ISIS Inspired Lee Rigby Style Attack

A London resident has been convicted of planning a Lee Rigby style attack before Remembrance Sunday last year. He had listened to a “truly chilling” Islamic State fatwa calling on Muslims to kill western police officers, the court heard.   Nadir Syed, 22,

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Iranian ‘Muhammad’ Movie Does Big Business Despite Fatwa Threats

A new Iranian film about the early life of Muhammad is doing brisk business at the box office even as its creative team faces fatwa threats and some of the Muslim world’s most prominent Sunni clerics have called for it to be banned outright.

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1000 Indian Muslim Leaders Issue Fatwa Against ISIS

In Hindu-controlled India, over 1,000 Muslim leaders and scholars have sanctioned a religious ruling, or fatwa, against the Islamic State as contrary to the true teachings of Islam.

Erdogan Mocks EU

ISIS Judge Issues ‘Death Warrant’ for Turkey’s Erdogan

Islamic State social media accounts have uploaded a fatwa to the Internet calling for the death of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, himself politically an Islamist, for collaborating with the United States on airstrikes against the jihadist terror group.

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Turkish Muslim Cleric Issues Fatwa Allowing the Killing of ISIS Jihadists

Turkish Muslim televangelist Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü issued a fatwa to kill any militant associated with the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). “If you run across them, slaughter them like you fight with the people of Ad and İrem [two places destroyed by God],” he wrote. “Those who kill them will be awarded and those who are killed by them will be martyrs.”

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Iran-Backed Militias Burn ISIS Prisoner Alive

Iranian-backed militias consisting of Shia Muslims have released a video showing an alleged Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) member alive being burnt alive in Iraq, reminiscent of a similar video in which ISIS jihadists burnt alive a Jordanian pilot. The terrorist group members identify as Sunni Muslims, who consider Shia Muslims heretics.