Michelle Malkin Talks Brett Kavanaugh Alleged Bar Fights with Breitbart News

Michelle Malkin speaking at an event in Greenville, South Carolina.
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Michelle Malkin joined Breitbart News Senior Editors-at-Large Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak in mocking a New York Times report highlighting a 1985 incident in which Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh was questioned by police about throwing ice in a bar altercation during his junior year of college. They made fun of the event on Wednesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight.

Pollak joked, “Can I just make a pitch for the good old fashioned bar fight as a minimal qualification for office? I think since in California, for example, we are placing quotas so that companies have to appoint women to boards, so women now have an advantage, I think that men should show their credentials by participating in at least one bar fight.”


Pollak quipped, “Now, there are a couple of ground rules, here. You can’t do it as a mature adult. It would have to be, sort of, before age 25, and that you have to win. You can have one loss, okay, you’ve got to take a few punches, but you have to have a positive win-loss percentage, above .500, let’s say.”

Pollak added, “I think that a bar fight for the right reason, if you’re defending a woman, for example, or you’re standing up to white supremacist in a bar, and as crazy as this sounds, I’ve actually had to do that, that has to be positive on any resume for the highest court int he land, because there are some kinds of justice — can I say this? — sometimes street justice is the only justice.”

Malkin jokingly approved, “Joel, I second this motion. My question is, what arsenal qualifies? Because we’ve got ice, and that doesn’t seem to be going over very well with the media, I’m thinking those little paper umbrellas that they put in the cocktails.”

Pollak used a double entendre, “From a very early age he has supported ice, contrast that to the Democrats who want to abolish ICE. There are certain Breitbart readers, if you tell them he threw the ICE at an illegal alien in a bar, that would be sort of ultimate poetry.”

Earlier in the interview, Malkin noted the “professional infrastructure” of left-wing and partisan Democrat agitation campaigns while lamenting the non-existence of an equivalent on the conservative side. She drew on a Wednesday-published column of hers entitled, “Investigate the Senate Democrat Wrecking Machine.”

Malkin said Democrats and leftists “executed their plan brilliantly” in opposition to Kavanaugh’s nomination. “Republicans are never prepared for” such organized political campaigns, she added.

Malkin said, “Excuses are made [for] why our side never has boots on the ground, and I really do think it’s time that somebody invest in full-time conservative protesters to make sure that these optics are balanced with people who support Brett Kavanaugh, support the rule of law, and support due process.”

Malkin added, “We have to stop — especially those who are considered more mainstream in the conservative movement — demonizing those independent operators out there who are trying to fulfill this role. In so many ways this is what Andrew Breitbart talked about and why there was so much tension within the Beltway establishment part of the right and all the newcomers and true mavericks — what a word that has been perverted by the likes of John McCain and his heirs — but true mavericks who were really willing to put their mouths and their money and their lives on the line to fight for our cause.”

Malkin said congressional Democrats coordinate with left-wing “advocacy groups” and their news media allies, suspecting the protesters opposing Kavanaugh of having “top-down coordination with Senate Democrats.”

Malkin stated, “The other inequity, the other imbalance, between the left and the right on this is … accuser procurement. You had an entire Senate Judiciary staff mechanism, I believe — this has been in the works for months, now —  sending out the bat signal to all the advocacy groups on the left, and I believe that’s feminists, #MeToo movement-types, [and] these encrusted lawyers like Debra Katz.”

Malkin described the Democrats’ “procurement” of Debra Ramirez — who has accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct — as “very shady” and “very fishy.”

Malkin lauded President Donald Trump’s exposure of assorted news media outlets ideological and partisan biases.

“What President Trump has been saying all along, and more effectively than any other politician… more effectively than anyone else, [is] the sham that mainstream American media has become over the last 30 years,” remarked Malkin.

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