Darrell Scott: ‘Black Community Recognizes’ Joe Biden as ‘a Very Big Part of the Problem’

FILE - In this June 25, 2020, file photo Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden pauses while speaking during an event in Lancaster, Pa. Biden and his leading supporters are stepping up warnings to Democrats to avoid becoming complacent. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum, File)
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Black voters view former Vice President Joe Biden as central to political and social problems they perceive, said Rev. Darrell Scott, pastor at New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio, offering his comments in an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Matt Boyle.

Boyle invited Scott’s assessment of black Americans’ attitudes of the forthcoming presidential election.

“The black community recognizes the fact that Joe Biden was a very big part of the problem, politically. Whatever political problems, whatever social problems, whatever inconveniences or inequalities that the black community feels [or] that it has experienced because of politics, Joe Biden was a very big part of that problem.”

Boyle asked if President Donald Trump would retain the support he received from black voters in 2016.

“I think he will,” speculated Scott. “I don’t think that [Trump] has lost any of the support that he had in 2016, so that’s a starting point, and so we have nowhere to go but up from there. I think he’s going to build upon the base — the percentage — that we had back then.”


Americans view Biden and the Democrat Party as supporters and enablers of recent looting and riots associated with Black Lives Matter and Antifa, observed Scott.

Scott remarked, “All of this tension that has been occurring in America recently, the riots and the protests and different things like that, the American public is holding the Democratic Party to blame for this.”

Responsible voting Americans who “[go] to work every day” in order “to have a stable home for their families in a stable [and] safe environment” view the Democrats as undermining their goals, Scott said.

Scott stated, “They’re looking at the Democratic Party saying, ‘The Democratic Party is trying to undermine these foundations that I’ve been trying to lay for myself and for my family. We want to live in safe neighborhoods. We want to have a policing of our neighborhoods and safety. We do not want to live in fear that our rights and our civil liberties are being taken away from us.’

Scott continued, “The Democratic Party is behind those endeavors, and Joe Biden, right now, is the face of the Democratic Party.”

Christians would be persecuted by a Biden administration, determined Scott, recalling recent comments from CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo regarding Jesus Christ and God.

 “I believe that there will be a widespread persecution of Christians in this country [if Biden is elected],” Scott estimated. “When I hear Don Lemon state on television that Jesus Christ was admittedly imperfect, that was blasphemy of the highest order. When I hear Chris Cuomo sit on television and state that we do not need God to address the ills of our society, this tells me now that if they assume power that Christianity will be persecuted to a degree that it hasn’t seen in the history of this country.”

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