Lance Harris: ‘Silent Majority’ Will Stand up on November 3rd to Fight Anti-Police Democrats

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Louisiana state Rep. Lance Harris (R-LA) told Breitbart News Saturday the “Silent Majority” will stand up during the 2020 elections to fight the anti-police Democrats.

Harris spoke to Breitbart News Saturday and aired his hopes to secure Louisiana’s fifth congressional district Republican nomination to replace the retiring Rep. Ralph Abraham (R-LA). Harris led the Blue Lives Matter movement in Louisiana by helping pass a law to protect the state’s law enforcement officers and first responders amid rising violence against America’s police.

Harris told Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle the law “adds police and first responders to Louisiana’s hate crime statute. We wanted to give an extra layer of protection to our police officers and first responders.” Harris said he sponsored the law because one man shot a police officer in Texas “merely because of his hatred for police.”

He added he wanted to move and protect the state’s law enforcement officers as Black Lives Matter gained more support from the establishment press, and many activists were “hammering police officers.”

Harris called on America’s public officials to stand up and defend America’s law enforcement officials.

“The adults in the room have to stand up and say enough is enough,” he charged. “We need people in Washington, DC. We need people in the state legislatures; we need people in the justices of the peace, we need judges, and everybody else to say enough is enough. These are heroes in our country.”

Boyle noted since the George Floyd protests and riots emerged, a Justice Department official told him the agency charged 246 people with assaults on law enforcement. He added those charges do not exclude state and local charges.

Harris said the “Silent Majority” will rise and fight the anti-police Democrats.

“I believe fully in my heart that the Silent Majority is going to stand up on November the 3rd and say enough is enough. We had it with this modern Democrat Party that has gone so far to the left that they disregard and disrespect the individuals that are protecting our lives and our property in America today,” Harris said.

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