Jody Hice: Democrats Trying to ‘Steal’ Election Through USPS

A person drops into a mail box applications for mail-in ballots, in Omaha, Neb., Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2020. The Postmaster general announced Tuesday he is halting some operational changes to mail delivery that critics warned were causing widespread delays and could disrupt voting in the November election. Postmaster General Louis …
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Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) told Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow on Monday the Democrats are trying to “steal the upcoming election” through the postal service by requiring universal mail-in voting.

Hice will attend a House Oversight Committee meeting with Postmaster General Louis DeJoy on Monday.

The Georgia conservative chided Democrats for spreading a conspiracy theory that Republicans and President Donald Trump want to influence the November elections through the postal service, when in reality, he said, that is the very thing that Democrats are trying to do through universal mail-in voting.

Hice said using mail-in voting without voter identification would be ripe for fraud.

Hice explained, “National universal mail-in ballots, no voter ID required, a national ballot harvesting, and, by the way, much of that harvesting will be coming from the postal service union that has now come out and endorsing [sic] Joe Biden, this whole thing is a make-believe throw-accusations-at-the-president when in reality it’s the Democrats that are trying to use the postal service as a way to steal the upcoming election.”

Hice also noted that Democrats have conflated mail-in voting with absentee voting; however, he contended that there are significant differences in them. The Georgia conservative said absentee voting has many checks and balances to prevent fraud, whereas mail-in voting could allow rampant fraud.

“We know that that ballot is going to that person, but that is an entirely different issue than universal mail-in ballots where just hundreds of millions, tens of millions of ballots are just randomly mailed out to people without any checks and balances, and then they’re collected without any ID,” Hice said. “That is an ingredient for absolute disaster and fraud in every way.”

“We do not want an outright fraudulent election system, which is absolutely what the outcome would be if we proceed with what the Democrats want with universal mail-in ballots with no IDs. Ballots will be sent out to people who have been deceased for years and years. How many states have not purged their voting lists in so long? There would just be ballots going out by the millions and then checking as to who is filling the ballots out. We can’t just have that, and that is the issue,” Hice added.

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