Donald Trump Jr.: DNC Was like an ‘I Hate America Zoom Call’

Democratic vice presidential nominee U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) interacts with viewers
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Last week’s Democratic National Convention (DNC) resembled an “I Hate America Zoom call,” Donald Trump Jr. told host Joel Pollak on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily on Thursday.

Trump Jr. described the Republican National Convention (RNC) as “an amazing couple of days.” He added, “You’re seeing the American Dream play out for you on a stage. The Democrats [are] the ones that are known for putting on these glitzy Hollywood-produced shows, but I guess ever since Harvey Weinstein went to prison, they’ve just lost a little bit of their flair.”

Trump Jr. described some of the RNC’s featured speakers as illustrative of the American Dream. He said, “Max Alvarez, Vernon Jones, Burgess Owens [shared] incredible stories [of] living the American Dream, stories that could only happen in America.

Democrats’ view of America is reminiscent of anti-Americanism pushed by foreign enemies, Trump Jr. assessed. 

“Compare and contrast [the RNC] to what I saw last week, which [was] like literally a week-long I Hate America Zoom call. It looked like my kids’ kindergarten class. No flair, no nothing. It was basically, ‘If you like anything about your country, you’re a racist. If you like anything about America, you’re a terrible person.’ It was disgusting. It’s the kind of convention you would have seen in Iran talking about America, not America talking about America.”


Trump Jr. said that the RNC’s fourth evening, Thursday, will continue with the theme of the American Dream, celebration of America as a “land of opportunity,” and “it’s okay to love America.”

Pollak praised the production quality of the RNC thus far. He asked, “Tell us the secret behind this. Everyone’s wondering who put this together? How did the RNC create such impressive visuals of the president, such great lighting at Fort McHenry last night? How did the Republican Party and the Trump campaign throw together this incredible production on such short notice?”

Trump Jr. replied, “We did this in four days. The reality is we have people that know what they’re doing. My father’s a big part of that. He understands his visuals. He understands objects. He’s a builder. He’s built a great brand about luxury. .. Being able to package something is not that hard. It’s not that difficult. You just have to put in an effort. The Democrats put in no effort. It’s almost as though they weren’t even trying to win over people.”

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