Vernon Jones: Democrats ‘Put Illegals Before Black People’

Vernon Jones speaks to supporters as he announces his candidacy for the US Senate Saturday
AP Photo/Todd Bennett

Democrats prioritize illegal aliens over black American citizens stated State Rep. Vernon Jones (D-GA) in an interview with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on Tuesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily.

“[Democrats] are putting illegals before black people and other American citizens,” said Jones.

Jones assessed the Democrat Party as fearful of President Donald Trump’s growing support among black voters. Their appeals to “diversity” are not substantive, he added.

Jones remarked, “Donald Trump has done more to earn the African American vote than any president — Democrat or Republican — probably in the last 40 years. Donald Trump has. So the Democrats always normally have diversity, and they talk about diversity. They do black, white, different genders, but they don’t have room under that big tent for African Americans who are independent thinkers with conservative leanings.”

Jones continued, “They don’t want us there. When I came out to support the president, I was told I was an embarrassment [and that] I don’t share the values with the Democratic Party.”


Jones said, “The Democratic Party is horrified and intimidated because [Trump] is stealing their votes, and they didn’t think it could happen.”

Jones said Trump aims to expand his support among black Americans.

“President Trump and the Republican Party, they recognize the importance of the African American vote,” Jones stated, “and President Trump is doing everything to earn that vote, and you’re seeing it also in his poll numbers now with African Americans. There’s a big jump there. There’s no precedent for that.”

Trump’s approval with black voters rose nine points during the Republican National Convention, according to a Hill-HarrisX poll conducted August 22-25.

Vernon highlighted left-wing news media’s role in driving social unrest and racial strife.

“We have to stop [following] this liberal media jumping to conclusions to create the violence,” urged Jones. He added, “It’s liberal media that’s feeding this.” 

Democrats and leftist media broadly view violent protests and riots as an asset in their pursuit of political power, determined Jones: “This is the only strategy they have of trying to win the White House, a strategy of destruction.”

“I’m committed to President Trump’s reelection,” promised Jones.

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