Virginia GOP Candidate Sergio de la Pena: ‘Absolutely Ridiculous’ Virginia Has Not Reopened Schools

A sign in support of opening schools amid the Covid -19 pandemic sits on a street in Arlington, Virginia on December 1, 2020. - In the ensuing months as coronavirus restrictions for the state of Virginia were redefined, schools closed for the remainder of the year, then summer activities were …

Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Sergio de la Pena told Breitbart News Daily it is “absolutely ridiculous” the state has not reopened its schools.

de la Pena, a legal immigrant from Mexico, rose from poverty in Mexico to become an Army Colonel after serving 30 years in the military. In 2016, he campaigned for then-candidate Donald Trump and then, as a Trump appointee, helped oversee the Western hemisphere for the Pentagon as the equivalent of a three-star general.

de la Pena, told Breitbart News Daily guest host Matthew Boyle he remains thankful for America for giving him his shot at the American dream.

“I owe everything I am to this country, this is the birthplace of the American dream, Virginia is the cradle of the American experiment, it created the greatest good for the world in the history of humanity,” he said.

“You saw that more and more Hispanics were siding with President Trump because one of the wonders of this country is that you become an American. I went from not speaking a word of English to where I am today. And, only in the United States can you have that,” he added.

The Virginia conservative hopes to make law and order at the forefront of his campaign. He said:

The United States is a country of law and order and that’s what I promoted throughout my military career and that’s the kind of thing that makes the United States unique. But we’re starting to weaken that and do away with that and that’s not good.

He added he is not a politician and former Gov. and Democrat gubernatorial nominee “Terry McAuliffe is the insider, Terry McAuliffe is someone who has had those sorts of experiences making money through politics. I’ve been a soldier, I’ve been an administration official, and that’s what differentiates me from them.”

de la Pena also said he would repeal Gov. Ralph Northam’s executive orders and reopen Virginia’s schools and economy. He noted zero Virginians between the ages of one and 19-years-old have died of the coronavirus.

He said it is “absolutely ridiculous” that they have not reopened the state’s schools yet.

“We need to reopen the schools, we need to reopen the economy, we need to get back to work because we cannot continue to function where you have government employees that are on a certain standard and you have everyone else on a different standard,” he said.

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