Exclusive — Alan Dershowitz on Kim Potter: ‘This Is a Racist Prosecution of a White Woman’ by ‘Thug’ Keith Ellison

In this screen grab from video, former Brooklyn Center Police Officer Kim Potter becomes e
Court TV, via AP, Pool

Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz described the charging of former police officer Kim Potter with first-degree manslaughter in the killing of Daunte Wright by Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison as a “racist prosecution of a white woman” on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday with host Joel Pollak.

Dershowitz said the charging of Potter was a function of today’s “racial climate.”

“If there weren’t a racial issue here, nobody would be indicted,” he remarked, “and I think there were seven other people in recent years, cops who pulled the wrong weapon and shot with real guns instead of tasers. None of them were even prosecuted. This is Keith Ellison. This is — I hate to use the term — this is a racist prosecution against a white woman which never would have occurred if not for the racial climate of the day.”

He added, “If the mob had its way, [Potter] be indicted for murder,” he said. “They wanted to indict her for murder. She did not commit a crime, period. I taught criminal law for 50 years. I know what is a crime and what isn’t a crime. It is not a crime to make an honest mistake, and the government admits she made a mistake. They don’t claim that she purposely pulled out her gun and shot and killed him deliberately. They claim she made a mistake. They claim she was reckless, she’s negligent, etcetera. That’s just not a crime.”

He continued, “If this jury were to convict, I think it would be reversed on appeal and I would be happy to participate in any appeal of this. This is an outrage. She never ever should have been charged. She never should have been dismissed from the police department. She should have been given a training program and to make sure you can recognize the right gun, but anybody who saw her testify understands this is a good and decent woman — not a criminal — who made a mistake, and if not for the racial climate of the day, she would never ever have been prosecuted.”

The political prosecution of Potter based on her race and the race of Wright resembles jurisprudential corruption seen in totalitarian states, Dershowitz stated.

“This is Cuba,” he said. “This is Iran. This is China. This is not the United States of America. This is a completely politicized prosecution in which the mob determined what would happen, and the mob has a very good representative, Keith Ellison. He’s a thug. He’ll do whatever the mob says. Here’s a guy who was a follower of Farrakhan, so of course, he’s going do whatever the mob says.”

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