DePaul Students Traumatized by Pro-Trump Message, Rope Found After Milo Visit


DePaul University recently announced it was investigating multiple reports of hate crimes in the aftermath of Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ event that took place on campus last week.

Students claimed that an image of an untied rope laid on the ground was a noose placed on the Lincoln Park campus by a student who was animated by Yiannopoulos’ lecture that occurred last week. Students reported the “noose” to campus security, who claimed that they are investigating the incident.

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The University called the rope “a horrific symbol of racist intimidation” in a campus alert that went out to all students and faculty: “Late this afternoon we received multiple reports that a noose – a horrific symbol of racist intimidation – was found on the Lincoln Park campus,” the alert read.

Author and attorney Mike Cernovich accused the student who found the rope of perpetrating a hate crime hoax.

Before last week’s stop of “The Dangerous Faggot Tour,” someone vandalized the sidewalk with the words, “TRUMP 2016 F*CK MEXICO.” Students were quick to complain to DePaul administrators about the message. According to a University press release, the message was difficult to remove because it was written in paint rather than chalk.

DePaul University president Dennis Holtschneider commented on the incident and condemned the individual responsible for the vandalism. “Destruction of property and profanity are never acceptable ways to voice opinions,” Holtschneider wrote in his statement. “This slur against Mexicans goes against everything DePaul stands for.”

Peter Myers, a graduate student at DePaul, was arrested by Chicago PD for criminal damage to private property. Myers, who studies “poverty and inequality” in DePaul’s Economics and Mathematics department, participated in several Occupy Chicago protests.

Shortly after the vandalism, he wrote on Facebook that he “did the right thing TRUMP 2016 stood up for economic reform and a rigged system the dollar scholar would be proud[.]”

In another post, Myers claims that he contributed to “social justice” with some of his actions at DePaul: “but I always stand up for what I belive [sic] in and I hate college 4 years of my life tanked I did some social justice actions I want some legacy some props ayeeee 150 dream team.”

Myers also made clear his upcoming graduation was being postponed until the fall, but is proud that his “social justice” actions at DePaul will be his legacy: “So my graduation is somewhat tanked till the fall but hey TRUMP 2016 Action is in full effect I got a legacy at Depaul I stood up for the inner city and less fortunate.”

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