Milo To UCI College Republicans President Ariana Rowlands: UCI ‘Not Clever Enough’ To Beat Us


During the latest episode of The Milo Yiannopoulos ShowBreitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos sat down to speak with President of the UC Irvine College Republicans Ariana Rowlands, where the two discussed the university’s failed plan at punishing the student society.

“Most of the people at UC Irvine are self-identified liberals or self-identified socialists, so you’d think that from the tolerant left that they’d be a little bit kinder toward other people. But that’s really not the case” said Rowlands to Yiannopoulos.

“Even just last week, I was walking around with my officers and somebody behind me goes ‘Oh the College Republicans!’ and we just turned around and quickly walked the other direction… Most of the time, on college campuses, there’s not really much proof of discrimination, or anger against a certain specific group, but that’s not the case here at UC Irvine where they actually went into our records and looked ‘Oh well they didn’t provide a security insurance certificate.'”

“And this was their bit of small print, their bit of fine print to catch you out” added Yiannopoulos, referring to the university’s attempt at dismantling the club for a minor contractual error after Yiannopoulo’s visit to the campus. “They took like four hours to get you on something”.

“Something, yes” replied Rowlands. “And another attorney who had been looking into ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’, which is a sister club of the Muslim Student Union, gave me the records that she’d requested for a public records act, and in that there was about seven or so contractual infractions over the past five years, not one of which was punished.”

“I see, so you got this from the lawyer and this is a clear example of them holding you to different standards to those that they held an organization on the left to” said Yiannopoulos.

“Yeah it’s a very clear example” agreed Rowlands. “They were funded by the school, which College Republicans at UC Irvine were essentially not… Each club is allowed $10,000 every year. They’re allowed to ask for $10,000. So College Republicans asked for $1,250, for you [Milo Yiannopoulos], and in the end we received $181 from the school… Meanwhile, the Muslim Student Union requested the $10,000 to host their anti-Semitic, anti-Israel events, and received the full $10,000. From the school.”

“Wow” replied Yiannopoulos. “Wow. Really? The College Republicans, the organization on campus that represents 50% of voters, that represents you know half of the population, an entire half of the political public arena, got $181… That’s amazing. Did they ever offer you an explanation? Did they ever sort of try to come up with a reason?”

“No, I haven’t received any communication from the place there, I haven’t even claimed it because I think it’s an insult” replied Rowlands.

“Good. Yeah, right. You can hear the balls, right?” asked Yiannopoulos to the listeners before laughing. “You refused to file an appeal. Because you felt that would be an acknowledgement of the charges, which you completely rejected. It wasn’t even an admission of guilt. Just an acknowledgement of the charges which you completely refused. You refused to engage in the process whatsoever and merely told your story to people who wanted to listen, and forced the university through, shaming them for their hypocrisy to reversing this politically motivated decision. I think it’s amazing… You should give yourself a round of applause… They think there isn’t a media out there desperate to report on this stuff. I mean what’s wrong with these people?”

“They definitely didn’t handle it well… They waited four hours instead of waiting a week. If they were smart that’s what they would’ve done, waited a week, but no” replied Rowlands.

Yiannopoulos and Rowlands then joked about the ways the university could’ve been more effective in shutting the College Republicans down before Rowlands said “we’re giving them tips now”.

“Yes” laughed Yiannopoulos. “If you’re a university administrator, switch the program off now… No, you know what, I don’t mind telling them how to do this better because they’re so dumb we’re gonna win anyway”.

“They’re not gonna listen” added Rowlands.

“They’re not gonna listen and they’re so stupid that even if they do this, they’ll slip up some other way, so I never mind telling people how I’m gonna, you know, how I’m gonna beat them before I beat them” concluded Yiannopoulos. “Because they’re not clever enough to win on this stuff.”

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