The Milo Yiannopoulos Show: Ariana Rowlands On How The UCI Republicans Trounced The Administration


This week’s episode of The Milo Yiannopoulos Show features Ariana Rowlands, president of the UC Irvine College Republicans, who recently won a resounding victory over the university administration who tried to shut down her group for an entire year.

Rowlands and Yiannopoulos the university’s failed attempt to punish the College Republicans for hosting Yiannopoulos, academia’s political bias against conservatives, and why the battle isn’t over yet.

“I am sitting here in the second of two interviews I’ve done recently with irrepressible mischievous College Republicans. This is Ariana Rowlands, who is the president of the College Republicans at UC Irvine. Hello darling” welcomed Yiannopoulos at the start of the show. “Thanks so much for joining us. You have been at the centre of a gigantic series of controversies recently, do you want to give us a sort of brief overview of what happened?”

“Well, we held you, June 2nd at UC Irvine to talk a little bit about social justice and how it’s cancer” replied Rowlands before Yiannopoulos laughed.

“She’s looking at me with a little mischievous glimpse in her eye” joked Yiannopoulos. “You get to say these things in my interview that you can’t say to Fox.”

“So for those people who weren’t there, there were about 200 angry protesters and a hundred police officers including bomb-sniffing dogs, you know, riot police, the whole deal was there” replied Rowlands.

“And you know, it went off without a hitch thanks to the police, but without the police the protesters definitely would’ve disrupted that. So that didn’t make the administration very happy, they requested to meet with me about 18 days after the conclusion of the ‘social justice is cancer’, and during that meeting they wanted to talk about a brief of the event, and I mentioned that Milo Yiannopoulos was coming back. And they said ‘Ariana, I’m not very excited to hear about that’… And I told them, well sorry, we’re going to be doing it anyway, and that was that. I go do my business for the rest of the day and about four hours after the conclusion of that meeting, one of my officers receives an email saying ‘your college Republican chapter has been suspended immediately for an entire year because you didn’t file a proof of insurance for the outside security you hired for your event.’”

“See, this is how they work, isn’t it? They don’t want to ban you outright because that would expose them to comment and ridicule and criticism, so instead they find these slippery ways to undermine and to punish people who want to bring conservative speakers to campus” replied Yiannopoulos.

“So at DePaul for instance, they landed the students with this huge security bill with a few days to go, and we had to, I had to foot the bill myself just so we could get security guards, who then of course did nothing. With you, they’re trying, well they tried, after the fact to punish you for bringing a speaker that they didn’t like, whose politics they didn’t approve of, and then had the temerity after such a successful event, which was wonderful by the way, I thought we were great together, to then have the temerity to reinvite him because there were so many hundreds of people outside who could not get in to enjoy the show, that we wanna do it again, we wanna do it bigger, we wanna do it so everyone can get to hear it. It’s remarkable… So you presumably backed down immediately right? Said sorry to the university, apologized for causing such a fuss, accepted your punishment meekly, is that what happened?”

“Absolutely not. I think it’s a load of bull, I think their excuse was a load of bull, if it was really a problem then they would’ve mentioned that security insurance certificate at that meeting earlier in the day. But what actually happened is they didn’t want you to come back, they didn’t want you to spread your message to the students at UC Irvine, or anywhere else, so they went through and they looked for anything they could find that would prevent you from coming back again. And we weren’t gonna have that, because we want to be able to express our message, our conservatism, just like anybody else is allowed to express. So all we want is to to be treated equally, and they’re not doing that, so we fought them.”

The restrictions against the College Republicans at UC Irvine were repealed after mass backlash, and the student organization are currently planning Yiannopoulos’ return in the near future.

You can listen to the full episode on YouTube above, or at PodcastOne. You can also download the episode on iTunes.

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