Blackwater Founder Erik Prince on the Milo Show: I Like It That Trump Has Been Bankrupt… That’s Capitalism

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Former Blackwater CEO and U.S. Navy SEAL veteran Erik Prince joined Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos during the latest episode of The Milo Yiannopoulos Show to discuss Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and why he’s supporting him.

“You mentioned a moment ago that you hoped it would be Trump. Talk to us a little bit about your opinion of the Republican candidate,” Milo said. “I mean I’m guessing that you are, broadly speaking, a fan, and I’m guessing you think Hillary would be a disaster, but I don’t want to put words in your mouth. Give us your opinion on Donald Trump.”

“I like the fact that Donald Trump has been in the private sector. I like that he’s had to make a payroll. I like that he’s had to do projects” replied Prince. “I even like some of his projects that have gone bankrupt, because people that do things, and build things, and try things, sometimes fail at doing it, and that’s the strength of the American capitalist system. He sat across the table and fired people that didn’t perform in his business, and I’m not talking about the TV show, I’m talking about when hundreds of millions of dollars are on the line.”

We haven’t had a politician that’s run a big private organization that they built themselves, and basically because we have a US government that is really broken and needs a massive shaking. The establishment, rigged, cozy system inside the beltway is not America. I live in Loudon County, and the counties surrounding Washington, DC, have the highest per-capita income in the country. Not because they create wealth, but because they suck wealth from the rest of the country, and that system needs to be shaken up. One of the reasons that establishment politicians from both sides of the aisle hate Trump so much, is that they know he will shake up that system.

So whether you’re a Bernie supporter and you’re upset about the cost of college, that’s because the government subsidizes so much that the schools drive it up, and they limit the supply of universities that can get accredited. There are so many simple reforms that have to be done to keep America moving forward, and really to make it great again. We have kind of turned our back on the fact that hard work, sacrifice, risk-taking, innovation, is what made America great. Washington did not make America great.

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