MILO: ‘This Movement Is Not Going Anywhere’

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Responding to a question from an audience member about what he planned to do with the Dangerous Faggot Tour if Hillary Clinton wins the election, MILO said the movement is “not going anywhere” and would continue to grow.

“This movement is not going away” announced Milo. “Irrespective of what happens in this election, the people in this room are not going anywhere”.

“These people aren’t going to evaporate” he continued. “They’re not going to disappear. None of their concerns are going to change, and in fact with her in the White House, their concerns are going to get worse. They’re going to get louder about it. And people who liked her are going to stop liking her, and the independents are going to be like ‘Oh my god, what have we done.'”

“This movement isn’t going to disappear if she gets into the White House, it’s going to get bigger” Milo concluded, before adding “Don’t worry, I’m going nowhere.”

MILO wears customized burka and hijab, $99. Combat boots by Diesel, $175. Sunglasses by Gucci, $225. Fishnet stockings: model’s own. 

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