MILO At David Horowitz Restoration Weekend: ‘My Motto Is Laughter And War’

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MILO delivered a speech at the David Horowitz Restoration Weekend in Palm Beach, Florida yesterday, where he accepted the Annie Taylor Award For Courage.

MILO outlined his philosophy of conservative activism, calling on conservatives to embrace the power of laughter and comedy in their battles with the left.

“My motto is laughter and war” said MILO. “If we are to win the culture war, we must do it by fighting hard and having a hell of a good time along the way. Conservatives, even non-Jews, are funnier than liberals. We can produce content that is much better and funnier than they can, because they are so obsessed with their juvenile emotions and special interest groups. Anyone unfortunate enough to have sat through the new Ghostbusters film knows I am speaking the truth.

My approach is best summarized by G.K. Chesterton, who praised living “hot as the riots of Dionysus, wild as the gargoyles of Catholicism”. This has been tremendously effective for me in reaching younger people, and the best part is, laughter and war are infectious. I’ve started to churn out an army of Milo copies fighting the culture war, although none are as handsome as me or have the hair.

My advice to everyone in this audience is to learn how to support and work with the new younger generation of conservatives. My tour has shown me there is a deep divide between the youth movement and establishment conservatives.”

MILO’s “Dangerous Faggot” tour around America’s college campuses continues at the end of November.


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