University of Washington President Changes Story, Admits MILO Protests Were Violent


Ana Marie Cauce, president of the University of Washington, has amended a previous statement where she claimed that protests at MILO’s event last night were largely peaceful. She now admits that multiple people were assaulted by protesters.

In an initial statement on the events that occurred outside MILO’s speech at the University of Washington, the president of the university Ana Mari Cauce stated that she was outraged that people would resort to violence in what was “otherwise a peaceful protest.”

Of course based on video evidence from Breitbart reporters, even before the shooting took place, the event last night was anything but peaceful. Below is a video of MILO’s cameraman being assaulted by anarchist protesters.

The University professor has now changed her initial statement and has condemned the violence by the protesters. The President has yet to offer an apology to MILO or his guests for the violent disruption to their event, and the change to the initial statement has not been acknowledged. 

“You have likely heard by now about the events in Red Square on the Seattle campus last night in conjunction with protests against a talk by Milo Yiannopoulos — protests which were then joined by a large group coming from demonstrations downtown. I want to say very clearly: Violence has no place at our University and in our communities. It is heartbreaking that a man was shot and others assaulted during what should have been peaceful demonstrations. The gunshot victim is currently hospitalized, and we fervently hope for his full recovery.”

Read the full statement here.


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