FULL TEXT – MILO at Cal Poly State University: ‘No More Dead Babies’

Milo Cal Poly full text

 Welcome to the Dangerous Faggot Tour! I’m MILO, the supervillain of the Internet, but you already knew that.

Congratulations to the people in the front row who got signed and numbered memorabilia tonight. I look forward to them showing up on eBay. By the way the numbers are edition numbers not ratings. Unlike progressives I don’t go around giving grades to abortions or celebrating the murder of innocent life.

I’m happy that the final week of my college tour takes place in California. I feel like California is home. Of course I’m British, but I feel Californian inside. Well, I feel Californians inside.

Is trans-Californian a thing? The beauty of liberal identity politics is if you can imagine it, it’s real, no matter how ridiculous it is! Internet pornography, transgender pronouns, Amy Schumer’s sexuality. You name it.

I don’t blame anyone for being trans-Californian. You have beautiful weather, incredible forests and natural beauty, and plenty of completely insane liberals to laugh at. They say California girls are the best too, but I wouldn’t know anything about that. Because I’m gay, did you know that?

If I look a bit jumpy tonight, it’s not the protesters that have me on edge. I’m fresh from an electroshock therapy session. Vice President Mike “if you like the cock, you get a shock” Pence sent me a gift voucher for these new Zap The Fag Away treatments they’re doing at Trump Tower. It’s like tanning — cheaper if you buy a course.

I’m still hoping the therapy sessions work. I think they might be, it’s early days. I’m not quite into snatch yet, but I do feel guilty every time I see Idris Elba. Did you know Idris Elba is an anagram. If you rearrange the letters it spells YOU WILL NEVER BE JAMES BOND.

Before we get to the fun stuff, I have an important announcement to make. My initiative to help white men further their education is now accepting applications!

We’ve given it the brilliant name of the Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant. I put my name in it because progressives are too stupid to remember how to spell it and too lazy to Google, so it reduces the abuse we get in our inboxes by about 90%.

As of this second the website is live for you to apply at privilegegrant.com. My goal is to help more men, no matter what their major or political opinions, to reach their educational goals. You can even major in Gender Studies. I don’t care.

Our pilot grant program will give 10 students $2,500 towards their tuition, which will be paid directly to their college or university. The grant is open for U.S. Citizens attending a 2 year community college or 4 year college or university.

Now the most important details are the dates. Submissions are open today, January 31st, and close February 14th, Valentine’s Day, which is the day fat people stock up on razor blades. So after you’ve finished crying and wanking and thinking about how alone you are, log on to privilegegrant.com and get yourself some free money.

The recipients will be announced on March 31st, and the grants will be paid to the schools immediately upon IRS approval.

Please do not treat this like a college class and open the submission on the last day! You’ll be writing a mini-essay and providing a video clip of up to 90 seconds via one of several private upload options, so you’re better off starting early.

Although it took longer than I anticipated to get the Privilege Grant set up properly — your government bureaucracy is even worse than the UK’s — I am happy that we are now well on our way to assisting white men achieve their dreams. I hope everyone eligible in this room and watching our livestream applies!

Males make up only 43% of America’s 20.5 million college students. Since the 1980’s, women have performed better in high schools and earned the majority of BA degrees.There are thousands of scholarships for women and minorities, but very few for white men.

Education is essential for young men to be successful in the American economy. Young adults with a bachelor’s degree earn 62% more than one with only a high school diploma. The percentage of jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree has doubled in the past forty years.

These facts made it obvious to me that men need education to be successful, and education takes money. We look forward to helping 10 men in the Spring, and many more in the years to come.

Cal Poly is my kind of school. So many universities I visit boast about boring alumni like pioneering surgeons and olympic athletes. But Cal Poly has none other than Weird Al Yankovic!

And it just gets better. The student population is 53% male! Let’s hear it for the sausage party.  In fact, women were banned from Cal Poly from 1930 until 1956. For that brief, blissful quarter-century, Cal Poly was a male-only safe space, like a country club or a Saudi Arabian highway.

Now I want you to all be honest with me for a second… whenever there is a feminist protest or genderqueer slut walk or another outbreak of fake rape claims on campus, doesn’t a little piece of you think that letting women back on campus might have been a mistake.

For those of you thinking yes…. Don’t worry! You’re not alone!

And for women in attendance, I’m kidding, slightly. I know you feel the same horror as we do at these ludicrous feminist antics, with additional embarrassment on behalf of your gender. I do recognize it isn’t your fault that you happen to share a gender, one of the actual two genders, with batshit crazy, mean-spirited, man-hating, and deeply unhappy feminist harpies.

There is even more to love about Cal Poly! You have a freedom of speech loving President named Jeffrey Armstrong, who has made the brave decision to take a stand against speech-hating crybabies, and follow the path of the University of Chicago instead of the University of Missouri.

President Armstrong put out a definitive statement about tonight’s event, and hasn’t budged an inch.

Let me quote him here:

“It is, in fact, the university’s responsibility to support the rights of all people to express their opinions and ideas – regardless of how unpopular they may be – while also encouraging students to think critically and independently.

“Protecting freedom of speech is not an option, it is a critical responsibility that the university, and all of us as members of a democratic society, must defend.”

President Armstrong is right, and the left is absolutely furious. They know they will never win in a world with free-speech, so they fight to censor everything to the right of them.

It’s the same thing as when these idiots call everyone on the right a Nazi. They even do it to me, but the Nazis hate my guts!

That word used to hold weight, you know.

I am here tonight to talk to you about abortion, and why America must stop murdering babies.

Abortion isn’t the same sort of demonic practise you’d find at one of Hillary’s spirit cooking sessions, but is no less evil.

Before we talk about some of the serious issues about abortion, we must first touch on my own Catholic faith.

You should always take what I say about religion with a grain of salt, because the 7 deadly sins are more like my seven daily activities. I try to check them all off at least once a day. All of them except gluttony; my trainer keeps that under control.

But I am a Catholic and I do believe in God, even as I recognise that the church is for sinners and I’m one of the most enthusiastic sinners. As someone once said, I might be bad, but imagine how much worse I’d be WITHOUT God.

It is in the Bible that we should be fruitful and multiply, I don’t think it mentions shouting our abortions anywhere. This is especially critical at a time western civilisation is in crisis in the face of radical Islam. In short, we need to breed.

That’s why I’ll finally be caving to public pressure and millions of fan letters and at last auctioning off my sperm for charity.

I once wrote a column wishing we had a religious right movement in the United Kingdom, because religious people there don’t speak up the way religious people do here.

I’m not going to go on too long about religion because not all of you have the good fortune to be Catholic, or even Christian, but there are a few important points to consider.

Abortion is murder. Abortion is wrong. I think everyone knows that, which is why abortion activists are so angry all the time. It’s a bit like when you catch someone out in a lie and they get really mad at you really quickly and you can’t work out why until later.

It’s guilt.

When I say abortion is wrong, its defenders leap to their feet, demanding to know why I want to jail a ten-year-old girl who has an abortion after a horrific subhuman rapes her. Well, guess what? I don’t want to jail that girl, and I defy you to find any opponent of abortion who does.

I will make the distinction for you, because unlike feminists, my audiences are smart enough to enjoy the adventure known as Reasoning With Logic.

I make this distinction, by the way, using the tools of the Catholic Church, which has been reasoning gracefully since long before the first feminist had a hissy-fit. Don’t forget that the original feminists, like Mary Wollstonecraft and Susan B. Anthony, denounced abortion.

In principle, the Church teaches, the direct, intentional taking of innocent human life is wrong. Because that’s a principle, it’s easy to say that, even in the most heartbreaking case, like that of the ten-year-old we’re considering, it cannot be right to take the innocent life who is growing inside her and has done nothing worthy of the death penalty.

But as Western civilization has always understood, hard cases make bad law. And the Church has long been the enemy of utopianism, the most prominent vice of leftists, who demand that each of us be perfect immediately, according to the warped view of perfection you find in gender studies classes and Marxist gripe fests.

Here is the relevant distinction, and I’m quoting from the Church’s “Angelic Doctor,” St. Thomas Aquinas:  “Human laws do not forbid all vices, from which the virtuous abstain, but only the more grievous vices, from which it is possible for the majority to abstain.” In other words, it’s not wise to punish with human law everything that may be opposed to the natural law.

That means I can say it’s wrong to take innocent life, without having to say that we should outlaw abortions in every single case. In a sane country, we would argue about what cases should be illegal. Should you, for instance, as often happens in non-Christian lands, allow abortion when parents don’t want a girl baby?

Here’s one more fact that will help you understand that Thomas Aquinas and the Church aren’t the kill-joy puritans that your lying professors claim:  St. Thomas and before him St. Augustine both followed this anti-utopian view I’ve described when it came to prostitution. They thought it was wrong to do, but foolish to make illegal. I don’t think they’d approve of rent-boys, so my 20s still require some apologizing for, but it is still an amazingly progressive position,

Sorry feminists. Once again dead white man are clearer thinkers than your leading lights!

Since I brought up catholicism, I have to mention Islam too.

I do this because Islam is always wrong, but I could pacify the liberals in attendance by saying it was mandated by the diversity and inclusion office.

We know abortion for sex selection has been common outside of western civilization. For example under China’s one child policy, many girls were aborted so the family could have a son. By 2001 there were 117 boys born for every 100 girls, leading the government to outlaw sex selective abortions in 2010, and even outlaw doctors telling parents what sex their child would be. Of course it still happens, the Chinese have become skillful at ignoring their authoritarian nanny-state.

But another culture also values sons far more than daughters, and that is Islam. I’ve said on numerous occasions that if you are curious what effect mass Islamic immigration to the United States would have, all you need to do is look at Europe. And in this case my home country off England is telling.

Statistical analysis of births in England, undertaken in 2014, prove that thousands of girls are being aborted for sex selection purposes.

Of course the government and others will waive their hand and try to explain these things away, but a brave Greek stood up to them.

You probably think I mean me, but there are OTHER brave Greeks, and this one’s name is Christoforos Anagnostopoulos, a lecturer in statistics at Imperial College London. Damn, I finally have some competition for most ludicrous Greek name.

Christoforos dug into the numbers and found certain incontrovertible proof. Gender imbalances may be contributed to by multiple factors, but no set of factors can explain away the imbalances in immigrant communities from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

To quote him on this subject, “The only readily available explanation that is consistent with a statistically significant gender shift of the sort observed in the census data is gender-selective abortion.”

I’m curious how the pro-Islam feminists off England will spin this data. Under Islam, many girl babies literally never see the light of day.

Feminists hate the truth, science, and logical thinking. Third-wave feminism is entirely rooted in lies, distortion, and hysteria. Feminist arguments are absolutely no different.

The underpinning of legal abortion in the United States is the Supreme Court case Roe V. Wade. Many argue that the entire case is shoddy law, but I am not a lawyer and unlike pundits on both sides of the debate, I won’t argue a supreme court case for your entertainment.

I will share some extremely unpleasant facts that professors and liberals just HATE being shared.

The Roe in the name of the case was actually a woman named Norma McCorvey. Surprise surprise, she is now an anti-abortion activist.

She never had an abortion; the child in the Roe V. Wade case was given up for adoption. McCorvey has three daughters of her own now.

She has admitted, as part of turning against abortion, that the entire case was a sham.  In the case she claimed to have been gang-raped by thugs, which was a lie to make the case more sympathetic, like my earlier example.

In fact McCorvey claims that she had minimal involvement in the case besides signing some papers. She was persuaded to play this part by her feminist lawyers.

McCorvey became an anti-abortion advocate after realizing the error of her ways. She bears a heavy heart, as some 50 million babies were legally killed following the passage of Roe V. Wade.

How can feminism be pro-women without being pro-motherhood? There is nothing more unique about being a woman.

But feminism loves abortion, and loves to put down motherhood. Just consider the Women’s March on Washington. Besides a bunch of women leaving garbage and signs littered all over the city, the prevailing moods were promoting Islam for women, and abortion for all.

Sue Ellen Browder is yet another abortion activist who later became an anti-abortion activist, witnessed firsthand how the sexual liberation of the late 60’s and early 70’s inserted abortion into the women’s rights movement.

She eloquently points out that what the media can’t see is that the national debate over abortion is not a war against women, but rather a war between women.

Motherhood and child-rearing became anathema to liberated women, and abortion became a prime component of women’s rights.

One of the main reasons abortion became synonymous with women’s rights is the adoption of abortion — pun intended — into the political platform of the National Organization for Women.

But I’d like to share a quote from Betty Friedan, who was the President of NOW at the time. In 2001 she said:

“Ideologically, I was never for abortion. Motherhood is a value to me, and even today abortion is not…I believed passionately in 1967, as I do today, that women should have the right of chosen motherhood. For me, the matter of choice has never been primarily the choice of abortion, but that you can choose to be a mother. That is as important as any right written into the Constitution.”

If she said that in a room of third-wave feminists, she’d be censored, kicked out, and possibly beaten up. Because feminists aren’t pro-choice, they are pro-abortion.

Initiatives like #ShoutYourAbortion are not about choice, they are about glorifying the death of children. I will leave it up to you to browse that topic for disgusting positive reactions to abortions. They may a good weight loss aide if you eat too much and need to throw up.

But I can’t get away without sharing one vile one at least.

One #ShoutYourAbortion participant gushed that her Vacuum Aspiration made her “happy.” That name just “tickles” her. You’re “vacuuming” out the “unwanted detritus” threatening your “aspirations.” It’s like getting blood drawn—she’s had “more painful experiences flossing.”

That is what killing a baby is to these people, just a different version of flossing. This quote is in fact a wonderful example of how these despicable people manipulate language to make abortion seem normal. A vacuum aspiration involves inserting a suction device into the mother’s body to suck out the poor little child. Aspiration refers not to the dreams of the mother, but the removal itself.

They do vacuum aspirations when the child is too little to be valuable on the baby bodyparts sales channel. They only want the bigger babies for that — so they kill and remove them in completely different ways hoping to preserve the merchandise.

#ShoutYourAbortion and movements like it seek to normalize abortion, but in fact it is very bad for women’s health. You know, the women feminism claims to care about.

In 2010 the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry published a study based on a sample of 3,000 women in the United States.  The findings of the effects of abortion are startling.

  • 59 percent increased risk for suicidal thoughts
  • 61 percent increased risk for mood disorders
  • 61 percent increased risk for social anxiety disorders
  • 261 percent increased risk for alcohol abuse
  • 280 percent increased risk for any substance use disorder

If the cause of this mental anguish were anything besides abortion, women would be marching non-stop against it, and Madonna would be threatening to blow the White House up over it.

Abortion is clearly so bad for women’s mental health that it falls second only to Islam, and maybe the fact that I’m gay.

Imagine if the parents of your favorite people in this world deciding against having them.

Abortion is simply wrong.

Imagine no Shakespeare, no Wagner, no Lil Wayne, no Mariah, no Daddy…

Imagine no Perez Hilton… actually maybe abortion isn’t so bad after all.


Abortion advocates ignore science

Feminists don’t really handle science well. They prefer feelings. So it is no surprise their abortion arguments are proven wrong time after time.

Let’s start with the idea that a baby is like a parasite inside the mother, attack her body’s integrity. This is what many abortion advocates believe, that the woman’s body is occupied by this hostile force.

Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, babies pass beneficial cells to their mothers that can aide in healing throughout the mother’s life. A fantastic book has been written on this subject by Jena Pincott called “Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?: The Surprising Science of Pregnancy”.

I am a chocolate lover but despite my best efforts and the best efforts of my boyfriend I remain tragically unblessed.

Another argument that we hear all the time is that it is a woman’s body and a woman’s choice.

Women, let us dispel this notion quickly. A baby is not your body. A baby even at a quite early fetal stage has her own heartbeat, her own brainwaves, and her own separate DNA.

How can you possibly argue a baby is part of you? Babies inside their mother have everything but fingerprints and a social security number.

Babies in the womb are the real undocumented Americans we should care about…. Not Mexican gang members and Syrian Jihadists!

Progressives like to insinuate that there is something sinister about Big Oil and Big Tobacco. They might even be right! But Planned Parenthood, Big Abortion, is worse. We were all shocked when undercover tapes came out showing they are in the business of selling baby parts to the medical industry.

Can you imagine, and I don’t think this is a stretch, the senior leaders of Planned Parenthood sitting in a conference room discussing the best timing for an abortion, to maximize their profits from the dead baby’s body? It’s horrifying, and it’s what feminists want more of.

Planned Parenthood can attribute a good portion of their boffo baby-killing business to their president since 2006, Cecile Richards. Richards is well on her way to personally matching Hitler’s body count. We’ve done the grim maths so you don’t have to.

Using a conservative estimate of 300,000 abortions a year — or 300 kiloscrapes, using the technical metric measure — Cecile Richards has presided over three million abortions, or three megascrapes in her ten years as president of the organisation. This has earned her “half Holocaust” status. Full Holocaust seems eminently reachable given Planned Parenthood’s growing hegemony in the abortion industry.

To be clear, this is just since Richards took charge. Planned Parenthood has since 1970 performed 7 million abortions, comfortably surpassing Hitler according to its own annual reports. You have to admire the chutzpah, if you’ll forgive my terminology: Planned Parenthood has amassed a Third Reich-style death count completely legally and while pocketing half a billion dollars a year to do so.

But under Richards the numbers have skyrocketed such that in just the last ten years, at least 3 million young lives were ended. If Cecile stays in her post another decade, she will reach “full Hitler,” by matching the six million deaths of the Holocaust. In fact it’ll probably be sooner than that, given the acceleration in procedures during her reign.

The road ahead may be rocky. Besides the undercover videos still being released, some media sources are starting to cover the revolting practices of these sociopathic monsters. Nice normal people, whatever their views on abortion, have no stomach for these unashamed charnel-house activities.

And perhaps President Trump will defund them.

If you need to hear more about Margaret Sanger, here’s something she once said. She was inarguably racist. She spoke glowingly about a presentation to a group of KKK women in New Jersey, and they loved her messaging about the black race.

Messaging like this, in a letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble:

“We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out the idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

Notice like most liberals, she considers minorities that disagree with her to be rebellious, or uppity. Black Trump supporters heard these words and much worse during the campaign! Margaret Sanger’s goal was to diminish the black race, and one can argue she was at least partially successful.

Stats about abortion by race are not always easy to find, but nonetheless paint a compelling picture about the race reality of abortion.

New York City presents itself as a strong case study. In 2012, there were more black children aborted in New York City than born alive. More than 31,000 compared to just under 25,000 live births.

Blacks accounted for 42% of the abortions in the city, with Hispanic women accounting for another 31%. That’s 73% of all abortions in the city killing black and Hispanic youth.

Other national data from the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform asserts that black women are 3 times more likely to have an abortion than white women.

So isn’t it fascinating that intersectional third-wave feminists fighting for abortion and so often arm-in-arm with Black Lives Matter?  To any BLM members tucked away in the audience, I can conclusively say that feminists are one group that do not believe black lives matter at all.

Whether you believe in an immortal soul or not, babies are precious.

You may not like some of the grim imagery associated with the anti-abortion movement, and you may find the pictures of dead babies carried by protesters to be tremendously distasteful, BUT THAT IS THE POINT.

Abortion SHOULD be considered terrible. The left knows it, and that is why they do their best to make people think babies are just lumps of cells that magically become humans upon birth.

They prey on vulnerable women who are pregnant, while at the same time brainwashing the youth to praise abortion.

I’d like to remind you that many of the great people in history were born as orphans or adopted. People like Julius Caesar, Bach, Steve Jobs, Aristotle, Louis Armstrong, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon and Bill Clinton.

What if some of these people hadn’t existed? Don’t say anything about Bill Clinton… without him we wouldn’t have had Sick Hillary’s hilarious campaign!

I call on everyone in this room and the many thousands of people watching at home to reject the cultural conditioning favoring abortion that we are all exposed to. You have already rejected so much, like the lie of campus rate epidemics and the gender pay gap.

I’m asking you to go a little farther… because Western Civilization needs more babies, not fewer.

Written from prepared remarks.


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