Univision-Owned Blog Smears MILO as ‘White Supremacist’

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Michael Arceneaux writes in the Univision-owned blog, The Root, that Breitbart senior editor MILO’s brand is one of “white supremacy,” and that anyone who “assists in boosting his profile,” such as Bill Maher, is “nothing more than [an] accomplice.”

Arceneaux, who has a byline at The Guardian, has also written for New York Times Magazine, Gawker and Buzzfeed among others, goes on to describe MILO as a “snide, racist piece of shit” and a “hate-mongering white dude with daddy issues,” despite MILO repeatedly coming out against racism, white supremacy, and identity politics in any form. In fact, when comparing MILO and Bill Maher further on, he even jokes about each of them “putting their mouths on black genitalia.”

He then argues that MILO should not be given any air time at all, due to his alleged bigotry:

Calling yourself a “dangerous faggot” while knowing how to make use of social media doesn’t make you new, interesting, or worthy of debate and discussion. When it comes to the notion of “exposing him,” that, too, is a fool’s errand. Expose him for what exactly? The man has been exposing himself this entire time. That is his entire shtick, so the key is to not “expose it” so much as ignore it.

People like Yiannopoulos will never go away nor can they be convinced with reason. Reason is not their aim; fame is. This is exactly why many of us took issue with the likes of Trevor Noah and Charlamagne Tha God giving Tomi Lahren the time of day. Lahren was recently on Real Time, too, which just goes to show Maher’s real aim is to generate ratings by any means necessary. Fine, do that, but don’t posit attention-whoring as helping advance liberal principles.

You can read the rest of the article here.

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