Corporate Queering: Target Selling “Pride” Clothes for Children

Signage for Target Corp.'s "#TakePride" initiative sits above products displayed for sale
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Target is also selling a “tuck-friendly” bathing suit for adults as part of its massive pride collection, which has already made waves for its overt marketing to children.

Target released its latest “pride” collection ahead of what secular society has deemed “pride” month, taking place in June. The far-left uses the artificial designation of the month to further radical gender ideology, which teaches that biology does not matter and gender does not correspond with an individual’s biological sex, leading to the further erasure of women.

The pride section, routinely placed toward the front of the department stores, features items for not just adults, but children as well. And this year, Target is rolling out a “tuck-friendly” bathing suit designed to help biological men “tuck” their genitals away to appear more feminine.

One bathing suit, created in partnership with Humankind, states that it is “designed for comfort & confidence” and created with “tuck-friendly construction.”

While social media posts such as the one below indicate the “tuck-friendly” swim suits are in children’s sizes, Target says this is incorrect.  Company spokesperson Kayla Castaneda told the Associated Press that swimwear labeled “tuck-friendly” is available only in adult sizes.

This is far from the only questionable item offered by Target this year. The adult section features shirts emblazoned with declarations including “Live Laugh Lesbian,” “Not a Phase,” “Queer Queer Queer Queer,” and “Super Queer.”

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The company also rolled out pride collection items specifically for children and babies.

As Breitbart News detailed:

There is also a prominent pride selection for children and babies. The department store is featuring onesies and shirts reading “Bien Proud!” in the colors of the “Progress Pride” flag, which contains additional colors for minorities and transgender individuals. One baby bib reads, “I Am Proud of You Always,” and the store offers an array of other pride-themed items for children and babies — from dresses to shoes to socks.

Target also features a “family” section with matching pride items for family members. One image shows two women in blue pride shirts with two young boys in pink pride shirts, for example.

A quick look at the “LGBTQIA+” book section on the website includes Bye Bye, Binary by Eric Geron, marketed to 4-8 year-olds, as well as the The Pronoun Book by Chris Ayala-Kronos, which is suggested for children 0-3 years old.

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LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center

The transgender push is not necessarily surprising coming from Target, as the company collaborated with “queer-owned” brands last year, even promoting chest binders to flatten women’s breasts.

Years prior, Target made waves after doing away with gender-based labeling in the toy aisle in order to “help strike a better balance” and cater to those who were “frustrated or limited by the way things are presented.” Target also prompted boycotts after allowing men to use women’s restrooms in the name of woke.

FLASHBACK: In the wake of Target’s decision to allow men in women’s restrooms and changing rooms, the hashtag #BoycottTarget has exploded across social media and trended as high as #1 on U.S. Facebook…

As Breitbart News has extensively detailed, this stands as the latest effort to pervert the God-given design of two complementary sexes, replacing it with an ideology based entirely on feelings.

According to 2022 Gallup data, just 0.6 percent of U.S. adults consider themselves to be transgender.

Editor’s Note: This story was updated to include Target’s statement that the “tuck-friendly” swimsuits are for adults, not children.


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