Guns And Ammo: Get Them While They're Cheap

Guns And Ammo: Get Them While They're Cheap

With the prices on guns and ammunition down considerably from the panic-driven highs caused by Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) gun control push earlier this year, it is a good time to make firearm and ammunition purchases.

After all, AR-15s that were $1,800 to $2,400 in January and February are currently $700 to $1,000, and 9mm ammunition which was $34 in March can now be had for $15. 

For those thinking about making a purchase but unsure of what they should get, below is list of a few rifles, handguns, and shotguns, which have proven themselves throughout the years and for which you will always be able to get parts and accessories.


If I were going to have but two rifles, those should be an AR-15 and a .22. 

My brand of choice for an AR-15 is a Bushmaster, which comes in many variations. You can get one these brand new on starting at $700. (Before the liberals go into slobber and claw mode over the fact that I provided an online source to buy a gun, keep in mind that any firearm purchased at will be sent to a Federal Firearm License [FFL] holder in the buyer’s area and he or she will have to pass a background check with that FFL before taking possession of the gun. They will also have to pay shipping on the firearm.)

Those buying a .22 rifle cannot go wrong with either a Ruger 10/22 or a Marlin model 60. The 10/22 is best for those who plan to accessorize the gun and the model 60 is best for those who just want unbelievable accuracy. Either of these could be had cheaply at Gander Mountain or Academy Sports.


For handguns, I would suggest one revolver and one semi-automatic. 

For a multiple-use revolver the Ruger GP101 is a great gun. It is chambered in .357 magnum which means you can also shoot the less powerful, but still potent, .38 Special round through it as well.

For a semi-automatic I would get a Glock 19. This gun is chambered in 9mm and has long been one of the most popular guns in America. You can get a brand new Glock 19 for about $500. 


Two pump shotguns stand out–a Remington 870 or a Mossberg 500. Both of these are 12-gauge shotguns that can be purchased in various configurations and presently cost between $350 and $500. These are incredible self-defense firearms and can be used for hunting and sport as well.


Today’s prices also make this is a great time to buy bulk ammunition for firearms you own. Bulk ammo can be purchased at,, or, among other outlets.

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