Sarah Palin TV Show Ends How It Started, in Amazing Fashion


A strong season of Amazing America with Sarah Palin wrapped up just how it started—in unique and interesting fashion.

Where else could you see robotic deer decoys, wedding bells and shotgun shells, urban anglers and cruising with California game wardens all in one hour of television? Only on Palin’s show and only in America.

The second year of the Sportsman Channel program came to a close with back-to-back episodes. The first installment featured field host Jerry Carroll in snowy Wisconsin. He paid a visit to Custom Robotic Wildlife, where they’re taking taxidermy to the next level. Brian Wolslegel, the owner of this incredible business gives Carroll the grand tour.

The robotic animals made here are used to catch poachers. The process from animal to robot is long and detailed. Hunters bring in hides and the staff then starts the taxidermy process. Finally parts are added to make the animal come to life with moving parts. Attention to detail keeps the customers coming back.

Many local hunters, they bring their fresh kills to Custom Robotic Wildlife,” said Palin. “Brian buys the hides to use for more decoys, the hunters keep the meat and they make a few bucks from the hide. Everybody wins.”

Viewers get to see the process unfold with Carroll right in the mix getting his hands dirty and bloody. Later, Wolslegel takes Carroll out to their game preserve to see their deer. The guys plant a robotic decoy to see how live deer react. They were interested and unafraid—and not just when it came to the decoy. Some of the animals came right up to Carroll, giving him a chance to pet them. It was quite a day in the Badger State.

Wolslegel has been able to combine an interest in animals and robots to create his remarkable company. “It just goes to show, in this country if you can dream it, you can do it,” Palin said.

Carroll left the wintery weather of Wisconsin for Southern California to spend a day with game wardens. “Without them, poachers would run amok,” Palin said. Carroll rode in a truck up and down the coast of Orange County with Fish and Wildlife officer Nick Molsberry. Among the supplies in that truck—guns with non-lethal darts that can tranquilize an animal and allow officials to return it to where it belongs.

Game wardens can be real life savers, especially if you live in a suburban neighborhood that butts up against a habitat of predatory creatures” Palin said. “They’ll remove them from populated areas quickly and safely, most often without even harming the animal.”

Palin has a simple message for poachers: “There is a ripple effect to the delicate balance of the ecosystem, so don’t do it!”

Molsberry issues multiple citations to people fishing without licenses. “Protecting wildlife costs money, money that comes in part from license fees,” Palin said. Poaching is not a victimless crime. The episode ends with an amazing California sunset that Carroll admires for as long as possible.

In the final episode of the season, field host Tara Conner is in Los Angeles to meet Lloyd Gomez and the guys of Bass Brigade, a group that’s all about the ever-growing sport of urban angling. Gomez learned to fish from taping Bass Masters and other shows on VHS tapes and studying them. Years later, he’s fishing all the time in city lakes and other places you wouldn’t expect to be thriving fishing holes.

Conner gets to throw a line in with the guys and hear their stories. She even gets herself a bass after much perseverance.

Sometimes Bass Brigade catches bass, other times they hook shopping carts, shoes and other city items. But they always have fun. After all, it’s fishing.

Bass Brigade promotes fishing for young people as well, offering the sport as an alternative to the temptations of the big city. “For many kids this is just going to be a beginning of a lifelong love affair with the great outdoors,” Palin said.

Amazing America with Sarah Palin comes to a crescendo with a wild story in Sin City. Carroll is back to visit Las Vegas and witness a wedding like no other. We’ve all heard the expression “shotgun wedding”, but this couple took those words very literally.

The Gun Store doesn’t only stock a huge selection of firearms, they also perform weddings. Danny and Denise Salgado, married for 14 years, came to renew their wedding vows and shoot off a few weapons while they’re there.

The chapel is decorated with flowers, flowing curtains and, of course, guns on the walls. The Salgados said their vows with Carroll officiating. After the service it was time for the reception, AKA, a gun party. The Salgados headed to The Gun Store private range and fired off some high powered weapons. After shooting picture targets of clowns and zombies, the Delgados blasted the bouquet’s stem. The final shots of the day came from an ArmaLite AR-50, a monster gun that put the icing on a monster day of fun.

Amazing America, it’s a place but it’s also a state of mind,” said Palin. “It’s about being true to yourself and making your own rules. Don’t get me wrong, tradition is important, too. I mean, marriage is one of the basic building blocks of society. But, where’s it written that you have to have the standard wedding ceremony? Do something that truly reflects who you are as a couple like Danny and Denise did. And just because you live in L.A., it doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time in a tanning bed or waiting behind a velvet rope at some club. Grab your rod and reel, head to the fishing hole. Congratulations and much love to our happy couple, to the Bass Brigade, and to all the mavericks out there in America—our amazing America.”

No word if the newly engaged Bristol Palin will have a standard wedding when she marries Sergeant Dakota Meyer. One thing’s for sure: the sophomore season of Amazing America with Sarah Palin was anything but standard. It was a fun ride throughout our exceptional country that left viewers laughing, crying, inspired, and entertained.


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