Shocker: Wichita State Eliminates Obama’s Barack-et, President Loses 3 of 4 Rounds to Breitbart Sports


President Obama’s Barack-et had two more double-digit losses to Breitbart Sports picks Sunday, guaranteeing that the commander-in-chief cannot catch Breitbart Sports’s bracket even if the president’s picks on the remaining 15 days of March Madness all come in correct.

Obama seemed to have the safe pick in two-seed Kansas against Breitbart Sports’ pick of seven-seed Wichita State. But the Shockers won Sunday 78-65 to eliminate any chance the president had of catching Breitbart Sports.

Gonzaga then gave Breitbart Sports a sixth win in eight match-ups with the president, winning 87-68 against Iowa.

Wichita State improved by 62 points over their last meeting with Kansas, winning easily by a score of 78-65.

Earlier Sunday, Michigan State defeated Virginia 60-54 and the president’s bracket stayed alive for a couple of hours when Duke beat San Diego State 68-49 (both Breitbart Sports and Obama picked Duke, but it left open the chance of Duke getting the President a win in the Elite 8).

While Kansas had the better ranking, seeding, and Vegas odds, Breitbart Sports picked the Shockers in light of Wichita State’s top two players (Fred VanVleet ranked 12th and Ron Baker ranked 21st at Value Add) adding more value than Kansas’s best player (Frank Mason ranked 49th). VanVleet not only won the battle over Mason, but enticed him to foul out.

Through the Gonzaga win, the team with the higher-ranked Value Add player owns a 30-14 record, the team with the better Overall Rating in Breitbart Sports analytical “Bracket Busting 101” boasts 34 wins to 10 losses, and the Breitbart Sports posts 33-11 in predictions. The President stands at 29-15.

The last time the Jayhawks and Shockers met, Kansas won by 49 points. But Kansas has refused to play Wichita State for the past two decades.

Here are the games in which Breitbart Sports has disagreed with the president. Breitbart Sports could win by as many as five games, but is guaranteed at least a win.

Score Breitbart Sports President Obama
76-57 Xavier (W) Mississippi
65-66 OT Purdue Cincinnati (W)
71-54 Northern Iowa (W) Wyoming
68-62 West Virginia (W) Buffalo
53-66 Providence Dayton (W)
75-64 Utah (W) Georgetown
78-65 Wichita State (W) Kansas
87-68 Gonzaga (W) (Davidson gone)
Current 6 2
27-Mar Gonzaga (SMU gone)
29-Mar Gonzaga Duke
29-Mar Wisconsin Arizona
Possible 9 5