Concealed Permit Holder Arrested, Frog-Marched from Stanley Cup Playoffs for Having Gun

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

On May 5 a St. Petersburg, Florida, man with a concealed carry permit was arrested for having his concealed-carry handgun on him and was frog-marched out of game one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The man–27-year-old Lucas Cassidy–somehow made it past the metal detectors and other security measures around the arena.

According to 10 News, Cassidy “is facing a second degree misdemeanor charge and was given a notice to appear in court. Police said he had a concealed weapons permit. If he had not had a permit he may have been facing a felony charge.”

His gun was discovered when he went to the bathroom and accidentally dropped it. Another fan saw him pick it up and “put it back in his pocket.”

Cassidy missed one of the most exciting moments in the short history of the Tampa Bay Lightning. The team defeated the Canadiens on a Tyler Johnson goal with 1.1 seconds remaining in the third period. The victory put Tampa Bay ahead 3-0 in the second-round series.

Yahoo News reports that Tampa Bay Lightening officials are reviewing security to try to determine how Cassidy was able to get his gun inside the arena. No one has inferred that Cassidy ever posed a threat to himself or anyone else in the arena.

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