Ex-Tiger Woods Caddy Blames Injuries on Rigorous Training Regime

Tiger Woods Steve Williams Masters

The caddy for Tiger Woods during his heyday says that he believes 14-time major champion suffers from a slew of injuries now because he overtrained during his peak.

“I guess when he looks back, he might question some of the activities that he did,” Steve Williams told a British television show, “some of the gym work that he might have done that, you know, had all these injuries escalate.”

Williams says Woods trained like an athlete instead of like a golfer. He believes doing so led to a physical breakdown the likes of which fans witness in athletes in their mid-to-late thirties but in golfers at a much later point.

Woods fell from number one in the world rankings to number 467 after injuries and inactivity. Woods last competed seven months ago at the Wyndham Championship. He has endured two back surgeries since then.

“I am starting to feel a lot better,” the golfer wrote earlier this month at TigerWoods.com after reports portrayed his condition as worse than admitted. “I have been chipping and putting at home, and recently started hitting 9 irons. That’s been so nice.” 

Williams, who last year described himself as the golfer’s “slave” before apologizing, believes fans will see Woods back in the winner’s circle. He’s just not sure if that ever will occur in a major, leaving him five short of breaking Jack Nicklaus’s record.

“He has that ability to win even when he’s not playing his best,” Williams contends. “But whether he comes back and wins major championships? That’s going to be a very difficult task.”