Famous Ballhawk Angers Vets by Collecting Souvenirs at Fort Bragg Game

Zack Hemple Fort Bragg Ball
Zack Hample Twitter

Ball collector Zack Hample collected some virtual flying objects thrown his way on social media after compiling numerous souvenirs at Sunday night’s MLB game at Fort Bragg reserved for military personnel and their family members.

In fact, Hample boasted of collecting eleven balls, a skill he told Breitbart Sports last season that comes with understanding “the players’ tendencies, know[ing] how to judge and catch long fly balls, and hop[ping] over rows of seats with ease.”

But the man who snagged the ball from ARod’s 3,000th hit and Mike Trout’s first home run catches only controversy in the wake of showing up to the military appreciation night. “Zack, that game CLOSED to NON department of Defense Employees and their family,” a Twitterican dubbed Marlins_Man demanded on social media. “Give any balls u have to kids and leave. NOW.”

Others took to Twitter to express similar disgust at Hample watching the Miami Marlins beat the Atlanta Braves 5-2 from the stands rather than from his couch.

Hample countered that he donated money to a military charity and gave away all but one of the balls he caught.

But this attempt to quell outrage may spark more of it. “My phone is blowing up,” Hample boasted earlier this year. “@MLB to play a regular season game at Fort Bragg?! Wow. You can bet your ass I’ll be there — stadium No. 52 for me.”

Hample’s Twitter account contained evidence of entertaining the idea of obtaining a ticket from strangers online. One wrote to the ballhawk, “Zack I’m active duty military about 3 hours away from Fort Bragg and 100% willing to take up this offer.”


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