Fort Bragg

Ann Coulter: Yale Has to Go!

How about a bill withholding all federal funds from Yale University until it changes its name? The school’s namesake, Elihu Yale, was not only a slave owner, but a slave trader.


Message in a Bottle Arrives 28 Years Later

A little boy and his mother discovered a 28-year-old message in a New York Seltzer bottle along a beach in Fort Bragg, California on New Years Eve. Now, Heather Baird and her son Ryder Goggin, 5, are searching for the person who wrote that message.

Message in a bottle (Sergio Aguirre / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

US Army Scraps Jade Helm ’15 Paratrooper Drop over Texas

Citing aircraft safety concerns, the U.S. Army cancelled a massive airdrop that served as a major component of the Jade Helm ’15 operation. Five Air Force C-17 Globemasters loaded for war, with more than 500 veteran paratroopers from the legendary 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, looked to unload their human cargo over Texas.

US Military Conducts Paratrooper Drop During Exercise Talisman Sabre

CA Bill Could Strip All Confederate Names, Including Fort Bragg

In the wake of the anti-Confederate hysteria that swept the country following the heinous June 17 attack on a black church in Charleston that killed 9, California state senator Sen. Steve Glazer (D-Orinda) has put forward a bill to ban the use of Confederate names for “schools, buildings and other public facilities.”

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)’s amendment attached to the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act is not simply an effort to rename some military bases named after Confederate leaders but an effort to erase American history.