76ers Joel Embiid: I Learned to Shoot the Basketball by ‘Watching White People’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

“White Men Can’t Jump,” so they say. However, according to Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid, they sure can shoot the basketball.

Embiid shared the story of how he learned to shoot with SI’s Lee Jenkins:

“You know how I learned to shoot?’ Embiid says. ‘I watched white people. Just regular white people. They really put their elbow in and finish up top. You can find videos of them online.'”

If curious about why this NBA player needed to search out cyber Caucasians to aid in his shooting development, remember that Embiid only played basketball for two years prior to the start of his career at Kansas, and a total of only four years prior to getting drafted by the 76ers.

The payoff from Embiid’s study of white hoopers had some decent results on Wednesday night. Embiid went 6-for-16 from the field with 20 points during Philadelphia’s opener against the Thunder.

So, if keeping track at home, the NBA has given us such famed shots as the “Sky Hook,” the “Dream Shake,” and now the “White Guy.”

I love you 2016.

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