Former Dolphin Claims Nick Saban Cut Him for Going Home to See His Dying Father

nick saban

Sensitivity. Not a word many associate with football coaches. Though, there’s insensitive and then there’s downright cold-blooded. If one of Nick Saban’s former players speaks the truth, then Saban definitely qualifies for the latter.

P.K. Sam, a former NFL wide receiver, had a spot on the Dolphins practice squad in 2006 under Saban as head coach. On Wednesday, Sam took to Twitter to tell the world about the significance of December 15th to him.

Sam remembers the day, because according to him it’s the anniversary of the day Nick Saban cut him for going home to see his dying father.

Sam tweeted:

Saban has not responded to say if there’s any truth to Sam’s claim. I hope he does respond, so he can say that this horrendous thing didn’t actually happen. Then again, we’re talking about Nick Saban.

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