Vikings Fans Use Fire To Combat Beer Freezing Cold

Adrian Peterson
The Associated Press
Minneapolis, ,MN

So how cold did it get in Minnesota on Sunday when the Vikings took on the Colts? The fans had to cook their beer. Well, they had to put their beer far closer to the fiery pit than any beer should ever have to go.

Why? Because it was 20 below outside:

Why would people drink outdoors of a perfectly good, heated stadium or bar when caught in the eye of the polar apocalypse? Well, because you can’t cook your beer indoors of course:

Many fans did make their way inside the stadium of course, and once they made it inside and thawed their eyeballs out, they watched the Vikings get annihilated by the Colts, 34-6. Which makes it a good thing that independent fire starting is not permitted in the stadium. After that game the fans might get tempted to set fire to more than beer.

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