Marquette’s Howard Misses All-Time 3-Point Record by Just 3 Shots

Duane Wilson

Exactly one week after turning 18 years old, Marquette freshman Markus Howard wrapped up his freshman season in which he hit 82 of 150 three-pointers to finish at 54.67% from long range, the second highest percentage in the history of college basketball.

Howard’s final game was against South Carolina, who ranks as the third best defense in the country according to and allows only 30.1% on three-pointers, the eighth best total. Even against that defense he made three 3-pointers in an 11-minute stretch, the last one pulling Marquette to within 62-60 with 11:20 to go in the game. One of top sports writers in the country texted me during the game to simply call Howard’s game “beautiful.” But at that point South Carolina took over.

“We hit a wall at that point in the second half,” Howard said after the game. “They got on a run and they are a great team, a really tough team, and we could not answer.”

The best player on the court, and in fact in the nation according to, was South Carolina’s Sindarius Thornwell. The senior matched Howard’s 3-6 on 3-pointers as part of a dominant 29-point, 11-rebound, 3-steal, 2-assist, 2-blocked shot game that let South Carolina pull away for a 93-73 win.

The best player in the country won the day as a 6-foot-5 senior making his last run by outplaying the freshman 5-foot-11 best 3-point shooting player in the country.

South Carolina advances to play Duke Sunday. Here are the 10 greatest 3-point shooting in history:

Rank Best 3pt seasons ever 3ptM 3ptA 3P% School Season
1 Micah Mason 65 116 56.03% Duquesne 2013-14
2 Markus Howard 82 150 54.67% Marquette 2015-16
3 Roosevelt Moore 50 119 53.28% Saint Peter’s 1992-93
4 Nick Masterson 78 147 53.06% Kenneshaw St. 2015-16
5 Travis Ford 101 191 52.88% Kentucky 1992-93
6 Royce Olney 80 156 51.28% New Mexico 1997-98
7 Troy Hudson 134 262 51.15% Southern Illinois 1996-97
8 Brad Lechtenberg 71 139 51.08% San Diego 2003-04
9 Ross Land 83 163 50.92% Northern Arizona 1998-99
10 Ross Land 64 126 50.79% Middle Tennessee 1996-97



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