Another Day, Another Lefty Sports Writer Incensed That Colin Kaepernick Is on the Sidelines

Colin Kaepernick

July is definitely the month for left-wing sports writers to display outrage that anti-American quarterback Colin Kaepernick is still on the sidelines and without a team for the 2017 season. Today, joining a growing list of outraged sports writers is Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, who has just submitted his bid for a ticket to ride the Kaepernick bandwagon.

Florio jumped to his keyboard to report that the Los Angeles Chargers just gave out of work quarterback Robert Griffin III a workout on Tuesday, July 25.

Griffin has been out of work since May when the Cleveland Browns released him after acquiring quarterback Brock Osweiler in a trade with Houston.

RGIII had a series of problems in the 2016 season after breaking his left collarbone during a game against Philadelphia. He spent the next 11 games on the sidelines but came back with fairly respectable numbers by the end of the season. He also had injury problems in 2015.

Still, it wasn’t enough to save him with Cleveland, and he was let go this year. Whatever RG III’s qualities, the Chargers giving him a look sent Mike Florio off the deep end.

Why RG III and not Kaepernick, Florio asked in his Tuesday lament:

When other quarterbacks get workouts or sign contracts with teams instead of Colin Kaepernick, there are semi-plausible ways to distinguish the situation based on football principles. When Robert Griffin III draws interest from the Chargers, and Kaepernick doesn’t, it’s impossible to explain the interest in one and not the other.

Florio goes on to point out that Kaepernick arguably has a better NFL record than RG III and expresses pique at the Chargers for ignoring the former for the latter:

Kaepernick has achieved far more from a football standpoint than Griffin, who simply hasn’t been able to adjust his game to the pro level, where he can’t ran away from trouble like he did in high school and at Baylor. At the NFL level, he gets hit and he gets hurt and he hasn’t done squat since before injuring his knee against the Ravens as a rookie.

The PFT columnist goes on to claim that the Chargers might even help draw new, left-wing fans in Los Angeles by hiring Kaepernick because of the player’s so well known anti-Americanism.

But, Florio also chastised the team and added it is now obvious that the Chargers shunned Kapernick “for either political or clumsily-justified business reasons.”

Florio concludes that Kaepernick’s inability to find a team, even in a liberal city like LA, proves it isn’t about football:

Regardless of whether the reasons reflect prudence or wrong-headedness, the Chargers taking a look at Griffin and not Kaepernick confirms the idea that Kaepernick’s unemployment isn’t about football—and it definitely isn’t about catering to the many fans who would deem his non-football efforts to be a reason for becoming a fan of the L.A. Chargers.

With that, one can only say “duh!” After all, why would any NFL team want to invite Colin Kaepernick’s brand of turmoil into their locker room? Hiring Kaepernick would only bring all his requisite hate for America, attacks on police, anti-Trump sentiment, and thorough lack of even a little respect for the millions of fans who made Kaepernick a millionaire?

Mike Florio is far from the only left-wing sports writer to attack the NFL and the country this month over Colin Kaepernick’s continuing retirement.

Florio’s piece arrived only a day after the Boston Globe’s Christopher L. Gasper worked himself into a lather about Kaepernick’s forced retirement. And Gasper’s piece came on the tail of a growing list of others.

Those others include writers such as USA Today’s Nancy Armour, Michigan sports writer and professor Louis Moore, ESPN’s Todd Archer, and the Chicago Tribune’s Diana Goetsch, along with many more who have already hoisted Kaepernick’s protest banner. And by the look of things, more are to come.

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