Twitter Reacts to ESPN Pulling Robert Lee From Broadcast Over Concerns His Name Would Cause Offense

Virginia Ready
AP Photo/Steve Helber

After  Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage reported on Tuesday afternoon that ESPN had pulled an Asian-American announcer named Robert Lee off of a University of Virginia broadcast, due to concerns that his name might be “offensive to some viewers.” Given how similar Lee’s name is to that Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

ESPN confessed to achieving the peak of woke later Tuesday night, confirming for all that they had indeed decided to remove an Asian-American play-by-play man named Robert Lee from his assigned duties in Charlottesville. Where he was to broadcast the football game between William and Mary and Virginia.

Twitter users savaged ESPN for their extreme political correctness:

How fitting that a reporter whose name rhymes with “woke” would help break the news?:

An all Union General broadcast team would definitely be a first.

That’s certainly food for thought. Of course, some were so shocked they couldn’t even respond:

Then again, some responded quite eloquently:

Others tried to turn the situation to their advantage:

Though some sought to preserve the history of the moment:

Some just didn’t know how to react:



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