Mile High Moment: Broncos Will All Stand for the Anthem Starting Sunday

AP Ed Andrieski
AP Photo/Ed Andrieski

If there was any one person in the NFL possessing the unique combo of swag and credibility to stand-up to the league, and their legion of activist players, its John Elway. So it should come as no shock, that his team would be the first to issue a statement saying they’re going to stand for the anthem, as a team, from now on.

The Denver Broncos, under the leadership of John Elway, released a statement from the team Twitter account on Thursday afternoon. Saying that the Broncos will stand, and respect the flag from here on out:

On Wednesday, Elway made it clear that while he respected the rights, and empathized with the feelings of a lot of his players when it comes to President Trump and his comments in Alabama. He still wished fervently to get the “politics out of football” after last weekend’s massive NFL protests.

It appears he expressed those views with his team, and made them see the light. That speaks very well of John Elway. Now that he’s gone ahead and blazed the trail against the anthem protesters. The question becomes, how many teams will follow Elway’s lead between now and Sunday?


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