MMQB Reporter Reminisces About the Assault Weapons Ban After Vegas Shooting

Breer Screenshot

Remember when sports used to be a distraction from the horrible and terrible things that occur in “real life?” Yeah, I don’t remember that either.

As reports of the tragic shooting in Las Vegas continue to stream in, the comments of those who would use that tragedy to advance a political agenda, have also begun to steam in. We’re used to seeing that dynamic in the political world, unfortunately, we now see it in the sports world as well.

Here’s the Monday Morning Quarterback’s Albert Breer reacting to the news out of Las Vegas:

Mind you, as of the time of this writing, we still don’t know the shooter’s motive, what specific weapons were used, or how they were acquired. Yet, based on the fact we know almost nothing, Breer wants to re-visit the AWB.

So let’s re-visit the AWB! From 1994-2004, a federal ban on “assault weapons” existed in the United States. It also, other than making people like Albert Breer feel warm and fuzzy, had no observable effect on crime.

Also, most mass shootings in America are committed with the use of handguns, and not the kinds of rifles that were banned under the AWB.

Not to mention the fact that the term “assault weapon” is a hopelessly vague term that could easily be applied to most, if not all firearms. Plus, this entire argument is predicated on the notion that someone bent on mass murder and suicide, would obey gun laws.

In other words, not a good argument.

Go back to talking about the Patriots Albert Breer, please.