Seahawks Coach Still Hasn’t Apologized for Accusing Las Vegas PD of ‘Horrendous Incident’ of ‘Inequality’

AP Elaine Thompson Carroll
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Offering unqualified support to someone is a tricky process. Mainly because, if you don’t wait until you have all the facts, it could turn out that your support was given in error. That’s the reality that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll finds himself in right now.

Back in early September, Carroll wrote a letter, which he later tweeted out to the general public. In this letter, he accuses the Las Vegas Police Department of using ‘inequality,’ as a motivation for singling out his player Michael Bennett, in an active shooter incident on August 27th.

Carroll wrote:

In that very short letter, Carroll uses some form of the word “inequality” three different times. Not to mention, with no supporting evidence, he also says that these supposed inequalities are “demonstrated daily.” Furthermore, Carroll tweeted that letter out on September 6th, ten days after the incident and several days after the Las Vegas Police Department released footage which showed no evidence that Bennett had been racially profiled.

What does all this mean?

Since Carroll tweeted out this vile and slanderous attack on the LVMPD, we have had additional footage released which shows that Michael Bennett is an even bigger race-baiting liar, than we initially thought. Bennett acted in an extremely suspicious, criminal manner, proving that his detainment had nothing to do with race and everything to do with his behavior.

Moreover, we’ve also had the recent examples of tremendous bravery from over the weekend. Where Las Vegas cops risked life and limb to save people during one of the most terrible incidents in our countries history.

Which begs the question: When is Pete Carroll going to be made to apologize for implying that these brave people are racists?

How can the NFL allow this to stand? And if the NFL won’t take a stand against it, how in the world can the unions representing the Seattle Police Department allow it to stand? Why haven’t they boycotted Seahawks games? Or refused to  take part in pregame ceremonies?

Pete Carroll essentially accused the police of racism without any evidence, was proven to be absolutely wrong, and has suffered no consequence for it whatsoever.

Is this real life?


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