Fan Sets Himself on Fire After Cowboys Lose to the Packers

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Getty Images

Following through with a bet is a great and noble gesture, which reveals a person’s true sense of character and integrity. However, people can take things a bit too far.

For instance, a fan in Florida was watching the Cowboys-Packers game with his wife. At some point, the two decided that they would burn the jersey of the losing team. True to his word, after the Packers beat the Cowboys 35-31, the man lit a Cowboys jersey on fire. The only problem?

The man decided to put the burning jersey on.

Not surprisingly, the man suffered sever burns over large areas of his body. According to the Sebastian Daily, the man received second-degree burns on his back, as well as third-degree burns over his right arm and hand.

A witness described the man’s appearance, saying that “skin was hanging off his arm and back.”

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the man told police he was drunk.



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